Bruno on Cult’s new Zilla wheels

We asked Bruno to describe the new Cult Zilla wheels.
He said…

In two words?
F******* amazing.

They grip great for slalom and they roll fast! If we compare them to a softer wheel like a 78a, the grip feels pretty much the same, but you can achieve that bit of extra speed that might just win you the race. This is like the best of both worlds, when mounted on the rear or front for slalom skating you get all the advantages of the grip of a slightly softer wheel and the speed of a harder wheel.

Zilla wheels – far right, glowing with goodness

If you really want to get the most out of the Zilla’s, try putting them on the rear truck and Dominators on the front. In my experience this’ll produce faster results for slalom. I used timers to check my overall speed, and for me this was the best set-up.

I’ve yet to try them for sliding, but I’m definitely quite excited to see how this ‘new urethane mixture’ performs and get my shred on. Over at Cult the mixture is called “psycathane”, and essentially you get the grip and rebound of a soft wheel with the speed of a hard wheel. Which is seriously exciting!

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