Possala Wang interview

Really fun chat with this Atlanta local. She tells about what she’s been up to recently and how SUPER STOKED she is about the Maryhill She-Ride.
Hello Miss Wang, where are you from?

helluuuuurrr there! I was born in Massachusetts but I grew up in Georgia.

When did you start skating?
I started back in 2010 when a friend of mine and I went to a park to skate. I had a lil’ skateboard that I had been riding for a few weeks and he brought out his longboard. I met Chadd Hall who further introduced me to it.

Who is Chad Hall?
Chadd Hall is one of the older skaters and the founder of Longboard-Atlanta, google group that allowed skaters in Atlanta and surrounding cities to connect and converse with one another via google groups. Mainly for skate meet-ups and BST.

How long did it take you to ditch your little board?
It didn’t take very long at all. I bought my first board, a Loaded dervish, a month or so after. It was a lot of money but I work alot so it didn’t bother me too much. I didn’t really get into it until a year later in 2011. I bought a Comet FSM mini, recommended by Mason McNay.

I thought Longboard Moses only recommended a certain brand!
Haha Longboard Moses? You’d be surprised! There are so many good boards out there and he does like to stick to the best. But you see, I’m only 5’1’’ and I wanted a small board. Jati at that time wasn’t making small boards. They are starting too now. I recently just joined the team. They’ve started making boards for smaller stance people like me. Comet, when I started getting into skating, were one of the first few companies to make boards for ”le short people”.

So did you have any sort of weird initiation?
Not really. No hazing involved. I was skating with most of the team members on a daily basis so I was pretty much already part of the family.

Mason said everyone there has to skate without a shirt. Did this change when they added a lady to the team?
Nope, they still skate shirtless. I choose to skate with clothes on!

You just killed all the readers dreams.
They must have small dreams.

Does being mini affect how much fun you have on a board?
Not really! It makes big boards seem like a ton to me, carrying it around and stuff. Sliding it too, but I’m trying to work with it. I’m not into dancing like some people, so boards with a lot of excess foot-space is blah. Fun is fun, depending on what you like. To me, fun is fast and a blast.

What’s the mini-wang jati deck?
There are currently 2 small deck that Jati have come out. One of them is being proto’d and another is going to be released soon along with its full sized brethren.

What’s this little beast like?
A DOWNHILL MONSTER. A top mount speed board with top pockets that flare upwards, locking the feet during predrifts. It’s amazing. The Miho, a mini Toho, is 2’’ shorter than it’s predecessor.

How did life change after you got your fsm?
Life became slidey. By slidey I mean I got into doing slides. I did some pushing with it too. I even did downhill with the FSM mini. I get wobbles when I start going too fast. Very sketch! I had it set up for slides with venom double cones and the 80a Metro motions.

You did distance?
I did a bit of distance. I was into cross-country in high school so I sometimes enjoyed it. But to push as hard as I can for miles and miles, it was just too much for me. I don’t have the mentality like Laura Hatwell, Cami Best, and Anna O’Neil. I did races last year where I pushed for 8 miles and another for 11 miles. That’s the most I’ve ever done.

How did you do in said races?
They were just local races in the south. One was held in the summer and it was soooo hot. I thought we were gonna die. Another was the Myrtle Beach Invasion Mason mentioned in his interview. I did okay in them. I wasn’t last… haha.

Who are those 3 women you mentioned?
Laura Hatwell is like a machine. She’s pretty much like a goddess in the long distance skate world to me. I hear stories from her about her skate escapades from Europe and she did the Chief Ladiga Challenge I volunteered at this past May. Cami Best is another distance girl who was a top pusher with Sara Paulshock last year during the Adrenalina marathon series. She’s really fun and so friendly! I met her at King of Clermont earlier this year. Anna O’Neil is a Canadian chick and does downhill stuff too. All three of them along with Maribeth McHugh participated in the Chief Ladiga Challenge. Skating 188 miles is no joke.

Are you the only female skater in Georgia?
I am not the only female skater! There are others who are kind of getting into it and there are those who did it for a while and just kinda meh’d away. I do wish there were more girls who are into it down here. Until recently, I’ve been basically the only girl who skated on a daily basis. Now I’ve somehow recruited a few more, although they need to skate MOAR.

Do you have plans to get more girls into it?
I am definitely into getting more girls to skate. A lot of them aren’t happy about getting scrapes and what not! I have asked around and I’m concocting some ideas as we speak. It will happen.

How can you get a girl to stick to it?
Basically skate with them a lot and have fun doing it. Give a few pointers! You’d always want to come back and do something again if you had fun doing it the first time. Also, free stuff.

What kind of stuff were you getting up to back then?
I was skating almost everywhere. I got into sliding when I saw my friends do it. Gardening gloves + cutting board. We skated all over campus and bombed the local hills without helmets; the idiots we were! The parking garage was my favorite to go down in packs, although I wasn’t really into pack riding. I did a bit of distance. To keep up with the guys, I had to learn how to push switch. I fell A  LOOOOOTTT. I was so clumsy. It didn’t help when I rushed into everything. I bowl skated once and that ended up with a fractured tailbone and almost 2 months of no skate. These days I’m getting into pack riding, mountain skates, and just regular skate sessions with whoever is free in Georgia.

Have you had any serious injuries since?
I’ve had plenty. I don’t mean to brag about them, but there were a lot. I hit a parked car once in a parking garage. That was embarrassing. I’ve gotten so many scrapes from skating without knee pads for a while. My keloids all over my elbows are so annoying. Concussions. The most publicly seen accident was the crash at King of Clermont when I took the line too wide and I hit the hay bale. Then the girl behind me following my line hit me. Also, going off the kicker and landing right on my elbow. The worst accident happened bombing a local hill with some friends and my wheel popped off. I blacked out and woke up with them asking if I was alright. I vaguely remember saying I was in a lot of pain.

What do you like about going fast?
Just the feeling, the rush. The feeling of going fast, into turns. Predrifting right before. It’s so good. It’s like being free and nothing can catch you. I used to be afraid of it. I finally broke the mental barrier for it! But then the barrier went up after my accidents and I just recently overcame it again. We have the Blue Ridge Mountains in the north. They are really fun if you want some nasty dh runs. If you are afraid of speed, don’t go!

How did you break it?
Slowly worked my way into the speed. Start off bombing small things. A progression of going faster and faster builds my confidence which in turn breaks down the mental wall.

Have you done any competitions?
Just the push races and one or two slide jams. King of Clermont was my biggest one. My only downhill one too. Was so much fun! I am definitely into competing more.

Who is the King of Clermont?
The 2012 title holder is Jose Guzman. WHAT the King of Clermont is, is the biggest downhill race in the south. Held in Florida. Florida? I know right. It’s a 2 day event; day 1 was the slide jam and day 2 was the downhill.

Who organises it?
Cameron Frazier is the head of it along with his friends who help him out. I think 2-3 years.

Do you have any plans to attend any more races?
I do! Central Mass is the next competition I’m going to. It’s happening mid August. Event-wise, I’m heading out to the Maryhill She-ride. First ever! It’s gonna be so exciting. I’M SO STOKED. Best impulse buy ever.

Central Mass – sounds like a catholic event.
Uh… I welcome all religions and stuff but I’m Buddhist. It’s a downhill race held annually in Massachusetts. There will be other competitions too but I’m mainly attracted to the race. Me and a few other CSA members are gonna drive up there.

To wreak havok?
No other way.

What is the She-ride?
You know how Maryhill has these freerides a few times a year? Well, this is just like that. Except females only. No boys are allowed to skate it! Except those that volunteer, but they only get a limited time frame.

Have you skated Maryhill before?
I have not! It will be memorable.

How excited are you about this event?
If there was a scale, I’d probably break the scale. Like atomic bomb-break. When the atom is forced apart and BOOM. That excited.

You’re too small to break anything, especially not scales!
It only take like 7lbs of pressure to break a collar bone…

Why do you know this, are you Chuck Norris?
Knowledge is powah!

What are you looking forward to most?
The most? Just skating Maryhill. A 3+ minute downhill run, just pure grip? You can’t really get that anywhere! And it just so happens I’ll be skating with sooooo many girls with a passion similar to mine. It’s just… just too much. My little body can’t handle it.

Anything else?
Meeting Pam Diaz, Marisa Nunez, Cordelia Welch, and Sara Paulshock again! Also, meeting the other girls I’ve known through the interwebz only. It’s like.. meeting each other for the first time but it’ll feel like we were good ol’ friends just picking up where we left off. It’s so hard for me to describe. And there will be all sorts of craziness going on. The fun, good crazy.

Who is Cordelia?
The Queen of Clermont 2012. Downhill shredder I met in Florida! She’s really sweet and one of the nicest people evah.

How many of you will be there?
The numbers increase each day. So far, the Facebook event says about 200+ girls but you know those event RSVP’s aren’t accurate at all.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Skate when I can, hit mountains at least once a month, go to class, work. It’s gonna be busy, and I love being busy!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I like to relax with some League of Legends, Reddit, chatting with peeps, hanging out. I have friends who don’t skate too so I try to give them some of my attention too. I like to draw and paint as well. More often than not, I spend most of my time working, either for school or at my job. Summer was killer. No school but I worked 50+ hours a week. Skated whenever I could.

Choose 3 numbers between 1-37.
4, 12, 29

4 – Who is the best person you’ve seen skating?
Best is such an underrated term. Style would be between Brendan Brown, our little grom, and Taylor Martin!

12 – What’s your least favourite movie?
Hmm.. I don’t like Saw. I hate horror.

29 – Is there anyone dead/alive you’d like to skate with?
I want to skate with Alex Mendez again =[ he’s been gone for a few weeks since he left for Spain.

How do you know my Alex?
I met him last year through a friend. I regularly skate with him and he’s my boyfriend.

Skate babies!

It’s been awesome talking to you Possala, have fun at the freeride this weekend, come skate in Europe soon!
It’s been awesome talking with you too! One day I will, I’m sure of it! All the fun will be had <3

Any thank yous?
Thanks to all my friends who I regularly skate with Will, Greg, Robbie, Brendan, Rocky, Jelani, Angie, Chris, Matt, Ross, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh too many names. And special shoutout to the ones who helps me out and encourages me alot: Alex Mendez, Jathan Johnston, Taylor Martin and Mason McNay. AND THANKS TO ALDRIAN HARJATI FOR ADDING ME TO THE JATI TEAM. That is all.


Thanks again Alex for the awesome photos.



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