Amy London Interview

Fun chat with mischievous Kiwi skater girl – Miss Amy London. Amy tells us about her local crew, getting broken at the IGSA World Cup on Mt Keira and being covered in Skatie Katie’s fluids.

Hey Amy, where are you from?
Hey hey, I’m from beautiful New Zealand.

When did you start skating?
Years ago. When I was a young’en I was really into anything somewhat “dangerous”. My dad bought me a skateboard for Christmas, and it all grew from there! It wasn’t until a couple of years back that I learned what a longboard was. Now it’s the hot girls I get to bump draft with that keep me in the sport.

What is it about ‘’dangerous’’ things that attracts you?
I guess it’s the adrenaline of it all. The fact you could have just injured yourself badly, or the fact you have just injured yourself badly. It’s that shit that lets you know you’re alive.

What is a longboard?
At the time, to me it was a longer skateboard that allowed me to get more from my push, and a good excuse to stop hurting myself trying to do fancy tricks. Now, it’s my passion.

How did it grow from a tool to a piece of your soul?
Hah, good question! I think it turned into a socializing thing. A mate and I used to skate with each other everyday. From that, I started meeting people from the, at the time, small community. Their stoke was instantly contagious. Then I learned what “bombing” was. As they say, it was all downhill from there. It’s still a useful tool, though… Ladies? ;]

Do you still hurt yourself trying to do tricks?
Haha, absolutely. Broken bones. Weird shaped scars from road rash. It’s all part of what I love.

What’s your favourite injury?
I wouldn’t exactly say favourite, but at the same time maybe it is. I like to tell people I’ve broken my leg. It makes me sound hardcore. How I broke it? Well, those details are usually left under the mat.

Is there a big community in Hawkes Bay?
It’s growing! Originally there was about two of us. Desperate to pull more people into the sport I started up a small society here. This society now has over 200 members and regular skates.

Who was the other person and what was the society called?
His name was Russell, and the society is called H.B.L.S (Hawkes Bay Longboard Society), pretty original sounding, haha.

Why did you decide to set this up?
Find more people to share my passion with and get stoked. It’s working pretty awesomely.

What kind of stuff does your gang get up to?
Trouble. Basically we just all go out and shred what we can. Hang out. Talk skating. Teach and learn from each other. We just love getting stoked. I’m going to miss the boys and girls when I move!

When did you see the biggest growth in the group?
When longboarding took off in high schools. It exploded. So many stoked groms.

What’s your role in the family?
Honestly, I see myself as the mother figure a little bit. Sometimes a little too serious when it comes to keeping everyone safe and sound. I’m sure the boys and girls get sick of my nagging sometimes, haha. Do my best to keep the stoke flowing!

What’s Hawkes Bay like for skating?
We don’t have the hills compared to other towns and cities, but I reckon the crew makes up for that. We do what we can with what we have, and make sure every session is a stoked filled one.

Are there any other nearby crews?
Not nearby enough to skate with on a regular basis, sadly. But there are so many crews in NZ. If you’re travelling, no doubt you’ll come across a crew eager to get their shred on with yah.

What are the big ones?
That would be A.L.S (Auckland Longboard Society), W.L.A (Wellingtion Longboard Association), and the Bank crew down South.

Who are the people driving these communities?
I believe up North in Auckland we have Speedy, Dan Grant, and the always eager groms who are constantly organising skates. In Wellington you have Max Gordy and his crew.

Have you been skating anywhere else in Kiwi land?
I sure have! Mostly Wellington, Auckland, and up North from there.

What is the scene like in your country?
I want to say beautiful, but I think that word is a little too giving to the smelly boys and girls that shred like there’s no tomorrow. With our country being so small, we’re definitely a tight knit family. Much like any family, there’s always a tad bit of bickering, but that’s quickly forgotten when we all come together and do what we love. If you’re a skater, New Zealand should definitely be on your wishlist.

Why should NZ be on our to-skate list?
We have AMAZING hills, and to match, a rad community. We’ll show you a good time. Just don’t break yourself on Mt Rapeyou.

Has it claimed many locals?
Locals; not so much. I think the locals understand the threat of the legend, whereas outsiders are all too eager. We’ve had smashed kneecaps and some other broken bones on it.

Has the mountain had it’s way with you?
Not yet. I’m still trying to decide on the outfit I’m going to wear. That way people can tell me if I was asking for it or not if I fuck up. It’s very fast.

Do you have a special wardrobe for skating?
I do, but it’s not so much of a wardrobe, more so a tiny drawer. Less is best, I think. I love leather.

When did you get some?
I don’t own my own, I love to share. Bathe in the sweats and other fluids of others. In Australia I was lucky enough to score a set off Adam Yates. I can’t remember all the crazy stuff he told me might be swimming in them. Something about Judas?

How does it feel to race covered in his fluids?
At first, I was a little unsure. Then someone told me Skatie Katie had worn them once before me. I didn’t take them off for a while.

Why not?
Katie. Fluids.

What kind of skating gets your juices going?
I just absolutely love skating with others, especially girls, in tight packs, going fast. But then there’s the skating when I land a trick I’ve been trying to land longer than anyone else. I juice everywhere.

When did you start going fast?
Well, if we’re talking my definition of fast, which is nothing compared to most out there, it was about a year ago.

How did you get into that?
Honestly, I can’t exactly remember. I remember watching some guys bombing on YouTube and thinking to myself “Look at those silly helmets and outfits”. I guess from there I felt like I’d give it a try. I liked it.

What sorts of tricks do you do on your board?
I can push pretty well. Every now and then I’ll land a stand up or two. I’m pretty determined to ollie my board… I think I’m getting there, but not really.

What do you ride?
The closest I can get to riding the real thing; a Switch 37, sent to me personally from the rad Katie herself. With a nice little added ‘w’ at the back, and a badly positioned ‘custom’ graphic, it’s my baby. On that I ride Bear Precisions, and whatever wheels I feel like on the day.

Why did Katie send you a board?
Good question. I’d like to think it’s because she has something for me, but I think in reality she’s just a super rad chick who is keen to share the stoke. I’m Team Skate Katie.

What do you like about riding with other girls?
I think girls just share the same mentality, among other things. That, and I’m a perv?

How does the mentality affect the amount of fun you have?
I have no idea. It just does! Gosh.

How do you find other females to ride with?
Either when I’m travelling to race, or here in HB we have a few more girls getting into the sport. They shred. I love it!

When did you start racing?
Late last year I saw myself attending small Outlaws and the such, and then earlier this year I had my first ever skatecation to Australia for Mt Keira and Newtons. I broke myself on Mt Keira and simply got to observe Newtons, but it was probably the best two weeks of my life. Can’t wait to go back and redeem myself.

What did you enjoy most about your Australian adventure?
The people, the party, the skating. Everything! I’m positive I was under the influence the entire time.

Influence of Steezus the skate diety?
Oh, I get it. Yes.

How did the race go?
For myself, I probably should have practiced before competing, rather than winging it, but I was still stoked with my effort. In the time trials, I cut ten seconds off my original time in my second attempt. I was stoked. I still wasn’t close to the other girls, but this was more of a personal challenge (not an excuse for getting my arse beat, I swear). When it came to racing to get into the top sixty, whatever it was, I had my accident! Owned myself on carnage corner and got to spend the next four hours waiting in hospital. Due to this, I missed the finals and everything. Bitter? Yes.
You can tell by my race lingo that the scene is still very new to me. A lot of the time I had no idea what was going on. I just went down when I was told to, and did my best.
That’s what she said.

Haha. Do you plan to do more?
Hell yes. I plan to redeem myself on the race mentioned above. Before that there’s a race coming up in October in the South Island. So insanely excited for this, hopefully I’ll have the cash to get me there by this time. In the far future I’d love to be doing a big percentage of the IGSA tour.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
What’s your number and I’ll show you?
Mostly, I work. I’m a barista and that’s another growing passion of mine, as well as wandering around taking photos. I probably spend too much time behind a computer screen. Oh, and playing on my uke!

Do you take photos of people involved in passionate activites?
Haha yes! I’ve started taking a lot of photos of people skating. Learning photography techniques on the way. It’s a lot of fun, but hard to balance the want to take photos, and the want to skate.
Nude photography is my next project.

When did you start taking skate photos?
Only recently, actually. I’m still a newbie. But I’m enjoying it, so hey!

What do you enjoy about it?
As corny as it sounds, I love that you’re able to catch a moment. And I love how stoked people get when they see a rad photo of themselves.

I thought only Canadians skated nude!
It’s probably too cold in England. Canadians love showing everyone what they’ve got.

Where would you like to be in 2 years?
Two years… Shit, I’m going to be old. I’d like to see myself working my way up to some sort of career, while maybe off traveling the world with my skateboard. Yeah. That’s the dream.

Is there anything I’ve forgotten to ask?
I was about to say you forgot to ask how good looking I am, but everybody already knows I’m hot stuff. So, not that I know of.

Pick 3 numbers between 1-39.
8, 34, 31

8 – Best board you’ve ever ridden?
Hard one. I’m going to say the board I have now. Because Katie touched it.

34 – lucacoleman asks: Whats the weirdest thing you ever put in your mouth?
I once put the bar that used to be in my leg holding my bones together in there.

31 – Do you like fish sticks?
I hate fish. (Keep the jokes to yourself, please. I know, I know.)

It’s been fun talking to you Miss London, come play with us soon!
Winky face to you too.

Any thank yous?
Yeah, sure! Thanks to my Mum and Dad. Thanks to Bonehunter Longboard Bags for the rad bag to carry my travel gear in. Thanks to everyone for the support and all that lovely stuff! Wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without that support.
And of course, thanks for this rad interview and the hot chat we’ve been having in the background.

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