I love DH race report

On June 23nd-24rd, Windham Mountain, Windham, NY hosted the first I Love Downhill Grand Prix. Known affectionately as “I Love DH”, this event is one of the largest races in the North-East, and one of the few official IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) sanctioned races on the East Coast. Organizer Marc Dean had a tall order before him: close a mountain road, ensure
all necessary safety measures, raise the money required to cover event expenses, and get hundreds of international riders to come to the event.
After a 4 hour drive, I settled into my digs at the Push Culture house and prepared for the following day, representing G-Form, Loaded & Orangatang. Housemates included the Push Culture crew, Patrick Switzer and Alex Tongue.

The official event t-shirt featured original artwork by pro luger Chris Batt


#1-ranked downhiller Patrick Switzer and Travis Davenport of Push Culture News enjoy a laugh after being re-united


Alex Tongue, champion of the I

Setting up alongside the race course, the G-Form tent offered a venue to check out G-Form’s full line of extreme impact protection, try on gear, grab stickers, sign up for our email newsletter, and enter a raffle to win some cool gear. In a collaborative effort with NYC’s very own Longboard Loft, tent visitors could also buy the gear on-site, benefiting from an event-day special discount.

Pro downhiller James “American Dream” Kelly checks out the G-Form booth, speaking with G-Form rep Joe Kirdahy


Norman Plante tests his speed tuck in G-Form knee pads

Tent visitors also had a good vantage point of the race, as riders would fly by at speeds near 40mph before quickly braking into the final left-hander. It was a crash-happy section of the course, with many racers carrying too much speed (or having too little control) into the 90 degree corner and careening into hay-bales lining the turn. As the final turn before the finish line, this last corner would often determine the ultimate heat winners.

Rolo crashes out, while Mischo Erban, current top-speed world record holder (80.74mph), heads toward an ensuing crash of his own.

Patrick Switzer heads toward 1st place in his heat while his followers head toward a crash.

At the end of the racing, the final standings had been sealed and the podium winners were announced as follows:

Men’s Pro Downhill Skateboarding:
1st Alex Tongue
2nd James Kelly
3rd Benjamin Dubreuil
4th Charles Ouimet
5th Patrick Switzer

Women’s Downhill Skateboarding:
1st Cordelia Welch
2nd Nayhomi Cruz
3rd Monica Meija

Amateur Downhill Skateboarding:

1st Nathan Ryan
2nd Alexis Labrecque
3rd Avery Wilcox

Junior II Downhill Skateboarding
1st Daniel Caro
2nd Nate Gomez
3rd Jon Kreutter

Junior 1 Downhill Skateboarding (8-13 years old)

1st Tristian Bell
2nd Julian Rodriguez
3rd Greg Paproski

Street Luge:
1st David Dean
2nd Justin Crenshaw
3rd Christina Conaway

Classic Luge:
1st Nick Kinnish
2nd Bob Lavoie
3rd Patrick Switzer

To reward the top performers for their impressive riding and help protect against future injuries for many events to come, G-Form awarded its revolutionary impact protection gear as prizes to the main podium finishers.


Full pro DH podium, from left to right: James Kelly (2nd), Alex Tongue (1st), Benjamin Dubreuil (3rd), and Charles Ouimet (4th)

Women’s DH champion Cordelia Welch shows off her G-Form prizesWomen’s DH champion Cordelia Welch shows off her G-Form prizes

Many enthused riders, fans and family members headed home with their bodies and electronics much better protected. G-Form would like to thank Marc Dean and other organizers for hosting a great event, and for allowing G-Form to partake. It was a pleasure to get involved, inform riders about our gear, watch some racing and have some fun! We look forward to returning next year.

Official Push Culture News event coverage:

Words and photos by Mike Girard. You can follow him via his Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and on Instagram @emgeemann.