Rosy Vega interview

Great conversation with fun loving Mexican – Rosy. She tells us about the community in her city, being a woman skateboarder and her first season racing at Maryhill and the MLF earlier this summer.

Hola Rosy, where are you from?
Hola! I’m from Guadalajara, México.

When did you start skating?
I started skating three years ago. I spent the first year learning the basics and the most important part- how to stop!

How did you get into it?
I love the adrenaline rush, so I always wanted to get into an extreme sport. I saw a community (Treee longboarding) doing some tricks using longboards and gloves, that looked so awesome to me. I tried and I loved it!

What other extreme sports do you do?
I did some DH on bike, but nothing big. Just for fun.

What is Treee?
Treee is a huge community in Guadalajara México. They support longboarding by making big events and helping riders to be get sponsored.

Do you remember the first Treee event you went to?
I remember they had their second event and I was getting into the sport and I missed it. I was so sad about it. But when I finally made it, I knew I really wanted to be part of the community.

What is the community in your city like?
We are people of very different ages and it is encouraging to see that there are people over 35 years old who are in love with longboarding and they participate in every event. It is also interesting that there are all kinds of professions, you can see high school kids or guys studying to be doctors.
The community is very important because through them the longboarding has grown tremendously and now there are riders who are competing in world cups.

What makes skating in Guadalajara special?
The community is a group of friends and that’s why it is so strong.  This community of friends has been growing so fast! The best part is that we love to skate. Also we have very good spots to ride.

What sort of riding do you enjoy?
I love DH and after our last IGSA race, I’m enjoying it much more. Hopefully I’ll keep racing, I really loved it!

Do you have a favourite spot?
Before skating in Maryhill, my favorite spot was in a place called ”Darkside” near the city I live.

What is your role in the community?
I’ve been the only girl who has survived these past three years. Now I’m trying to motivate girls to fall in love with the sport. When I started we were just three girls who attended frequently, but over time I was the only one left skating with the guys. About a year ago we started having more women around the country on longboard. But it wasn’t until recently that Longboard Crew Girls Mexico has been stronger.
Lately girls want to level up their skills and they are now super motivated. But the best part is that it’s not happening only where I live, because now we know that in other states there are women also doing this sport.
I am delighted that a woman, Valeria Figueroa from Mexico City is doing DH too and we’ve  been going to competitions in the country and the most fun was Maryhill Festival of Speed 2012.

Why did the other girls not survive?
One of them was because of her job, or at least that was what she said, and the other girl decided to have a boyfriend hahaha!

Neither problem has phased you?
Not one bit. I decided to have a job that allowed me to have time to do what I like and let me go when I need.

How did you get into DH?
I love speed and I always liked to go fast, but I never tryed to do DH because I wasn’t ready. One year ago I went to Maryhill to support my team and it was there that I fell in love with DH. After, I started going to train with those who had gone to the competition.

Is there a crew in Mexico city?
There are many boys and one girl, Valeria Figueroa. They are not a crew though, they are friends who go to races in Mexico and are also going with us to others outside the country.

What is LGC Mexico?
After thinking of ways to encourage more girls to be interested in longboarding, Claudio Uribe and I thought that the best way to make it happen would be by making a Facebook group and uploading some pictures of girls skating in Guadalajara.
But at the end, Claudio contacted Longboard Girls Crew from Spain and they said they liked the idea of having a Mexican LGC group. I can see how LGC is growing all around the world. Thanks to the group, I have met wonderful girls from different places in the world.

What made you fall in love with DH?
Three things made me fall in love with Downhill Skateboarding. The first was the feeling of an adrenaline rush. That was what kept me constant. After that, the requirement of concentration made me get to know myself and know how to control fear, because of the need to be in a state of peace to react to any unexpected situation.
Finally I am in love with DH because I’ve been making very good friends and all the travels we’ve been doing. It’s like one big family.

What is your team?
Actually it’s not a team with a name or any serious, we are just a group of friends who like to go to the races together.

Who are the people in this gang?
The guys who compete in the Open Class from Guadalajara are Jorge Vigon, Gerardo Moreno, Alejandro Romo and my brother Fernando Vega. And Daniel Caro, he competes in junior 2.

When did you decide to start competing?
The last Maryhill race was what motivated me to decide to want to be racing there the next year. I remember I was with two friends, Fifer of Mexico City and Ayumi Oride from Japan, we were very happy to be there and said, “Next year we’ll be here competing”.
And the three of us did it! What excites me most is that this year, many more Mexicans from different states went to Maryhill together.

Who is Ayumi?
She is a Japanese girl, she is a very good friend of two Mexican riders.

What did it take to get ready to compete?
I’ve been trying different ways to be relaxed and not feel so much excitement. Because I feel that if I let the adrenaline take over me,  any mistakes could happen.

How was Maryhill?
It wasn’t easy. On the first two training days, I was loving the track so much that I couldn’t stop having runs. On the qualifying day, I was so sore! So I couldn’t keep my tuck. But you can only learn those kind of things after experiencing it.

The event began with the registration and there was where the fun began. I was happy to see the riders I met last year and because I finally meet people who I talked just on Facebook like Pam Díaz. And there was where I met Marisa Nuñez, Amanda Powell and Ishtar Backlund.
After the registration, we finally got on the bus to go to the top of the hill and ride it. The feeling of the first drop was absolutely awesome, I Loved it! My Mexican friends Valeria Figueroa, Daniel Figueroa, Fifer and Ayumi Oride (from Japan) did most of the runs together. I enjoyed it so much because it was a very special event and the result of all of our hard work.
All the turns that the track have are perfect. I just couldn’t stop, so after the first two days I couldn’t move. I was so sore!
On the qualifying runs it was not easy to hold my tuck, but I decided to keep enjoying riding. I felt it was very different running alone than in a group. It’s not the same, when I was by myself, I was thinking too much and it didn’t let me take my lines. Riding with a group,  you just feel the track.
I was so nervous about the race day but I took my time. Doing stretches helped to clear my mind. Being at the start line could be very stressful, but I was ready and too calm. When I finished my final race I couldn’t remember ANYTHING of the track. I was amazed about that. But I realized it was because I was just in the moment. I don’t like the competitive feeling, so for me, it was racing with my friends.

Have you done any races since?
I did the Monterreal Longboarding Fest in México which was the first on the NORAM list this year.

How did you do?
I got the first place, It was a fast and hard track and I wasn’t expecting to do a good job.

What do you ride?
A Rayne, the perfect and beautiful Isis. 80a Orange In Heats 75mm, the best soft wheels to maintain speed and to keep the line through turns. 44 Degree White Caliber trucks, helps me feeling safe because those are very stable.

Are any of those your sponsors?
Yes, Orangatang wheels family.

When did you get sponsored?
It happened this year. A very good friend has a bikini shop named Sugar Bikini and she is supporting me to race.

Where would you like to be this time next year?
I would love to do the Eurotour!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Hang out with my friends. I have a very good friend who loves to do sports too and sometimes I go with her to a mountain and we run or ride mountain bikes there.

Pick 3 numbers between 1-39.
1, 3, 12

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
It depends on the spot if it’s a fast track, I take my leather suit and my full face helmet. If I go to any other spot, I take my knee and elbow pads and my half helmet. But I always have my girly pink kit of tools.

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life?
I can say it has helped my inner and outer conscience. I also love all the people I skate with and all the travels that we do together. I enjoy it so much and this for me is priceless.
It’s funny how sometimes people do not understand the image of a woman doing an extreme sport, the good part is that it hasn’t happened much to me. And it hasn’t affected me because I have the fortune to meet some Mexican women, whom participate in different extreme sports and they are successful in their sports. So for me it is an honor to be going so far.

12 – What’s your least favourite movie?
I couldn’t watch water for elephants, because of the animal cruelty.

It’s been awesome talking to you buddy. Hope to see you soon.
I want to thank you my new friend, for the interview and the time. It was fun.