Gloris Hill Invitational report

Mendoza, Argentina, is the location for the awesome Gloris Hills Invitational. It is worth noting that this is not an outlaw race, because the organisation of the event included the local government, who closed the road from 3pm to 6pm so the riders chase the adrenaline down the Hill of Glory safely.

A large number of riders, from different parts of the country came, eager to learn and explore the famous and mythical Gloris. We had close to 100 participants.
 The Cerro de la Gloria is located west of the city of Mendoza, on top of which is located the National Monument to the Army of the Andes in commemoration of the centenary of the Andes Army, under General José de San Martin, freeing Chile and Peru.
Bright sun and temperatures accompanied the late spring.

At 3pm began the longboard and streetludge. Visitors, with great respect,
made their first runs cautiously and with the passing of the afternoon took it at higher speeds. Much fun was had.  The show was fantastic and memorable.

At 6pm, we stopped and moved to the Callecita Piola and there we had more fun! At this spot, the sun was going down, and everyone had a lot fun sliding. The beauty of this place, unleashed the wildness of all present and nobody stopped skating, boys and girls
were very taken over by the stoke.

Night came and the first day of the weekend was over in Mendoza in a great way. The Longboard family was back together.

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Words and Photographs by Carlos Gomez