Kiefer Dixon interview

Fun chat with one of the fastest pushers in the world and current Broadway Bomb champion.
Hey Kiefer! Where are you from?
Hey Gbemi, Thanks for the interest. I’m from the Bronx, New York.

When did you start skating?
I started skating almost 12 years ago if I remember properly.

In the Bronx?
No, I got my 1st board when I lived in Harlem, N.Y.

When did you start riding longboards?
Over 3 years ago officially.

How did you first get into it?
Over 6 years ago. I had longboard wheels on my skateboard. 4 years ago I got a longboard for Christmas, but it got ran over 2 months later. Then 3 years ago I bought  my own longboard and everything took off from there.

What sort of riding did you do in the beginning?
Just pushing. I never could get skateboard tricks.

What is the community there like?
We are a tight group. Everyone looks out for each other and it’s mostly friendly. There are some people who just can’t be nice but it doesn’t hinder the good vibes that longboarding gives us.

What is the longboard scene in New York like?
Fast paced. You really have to be on your toes and aware of everything. You have crazy drivers and very oblivious pedestrians, but in New York you have a place to do every and any type of skating that you want to do.

What types of skating do you do?
I do all types. I’m starting to call myself the avatar of longboarding because I have over 21 boards setup to handle all riding styles.

Avatar as in bald monk or blue aliens?
Like the airbender, but my best talent would be pushing.

How have you got 21 boards in 3 years man!
In 2011, I won 9 races so I got a lot of boards from the prize pool and some from my sponsors.

When did you start skating competitively?
3 years ago. My 1st race was the central park race. I came in 8th place.

What is the Central Park push race?
Central park race is a 6.2 mile lap in Central Park in the middle of Manhattan.

How did you get into pushing?
I’ve always been pushing since I got on a board. I have a love for speed, so pushing faster and faster only fueled my passion for the kick.

How did you become a distancebender?
It happened because I love pushing fast and I love going to new places and going exploring, so I got into distance from exploring the world, haha.

Does your passion for speed also translate into downhill skating?
I push myself to go faster and faster and get that adrenaline rush of flying downhill, but I still don’t like being in tight packs with people, so I’m not at most downhill races.

Do you prefer pushing fast or letting gravity do the work?
I’d say pushing fast because the whole world isn’t a hill, you’re going to have to push sometime and see the scenery.

How was your first season racing competitively?
It was a learning experience. I was top 10 every race but something always happened which I took note of and made my improvements.

How was last season for you? 
Last season was great. I won every yearly race and even managed to win a very important adenalina. The 9 races I won were:
The winter and summer warriors (26 miles thru nyc),
Broad st bomb (5 miles in Philly),
Central park race (6.2 miles in nyc),
Mini bomb (6 miles thru nyc),
Shoekill (8 miles in philly),
Adrenalina (26 miles in Peurto rico),
Broadway bomb (8 miles thru nyc),
South beach bomb (6 miles thru miami).

You won EVERY race? Congratulations! Is there a distance ranking system like in downhill?
Yea and no. All the races were single events because most of them were done by different people.

What are the world rankings for distance?
There aren’t any rankings as of now but maybe in the future.

What is an adrenlina?
Adrenalina held 26.2 mile marathons for longboarders, giving away thousands of dollars to the top finishers. Which set up a stage for long distance pushing.

How did these races change distance skating?
They shed light on the scene and gave names to some of the best long distance pushers out there.

You mentioned earlier about winning the broadway bomb, how was that?
It was crazy. I’m not a fast runner, so at the start I ended up 200 or so people behind the front, so I had to battle to the front. I was pissed at the moment but it was all fun none the less.

What was your time?
I think 27 minutes.

What are your best times?
I hold the record on the central park race (20 mins) and the warriors race (1 hour 52 mins).
My best time in Adrenalina was 1:38. I haven’t done the 188, so I don’t have  an ultraskate time.

What do you ride?
I usually ride my LDP pintail that I made, with 126mm Buzzed trucks and, (non race days) 107mm Abec11 electric flywheels & (race days) 97mm abec11 flywheels.

Why do you ride a pintail for distance!  
I like riding up high and the shape I made. People think riding low is the way to go, but riding high is the way I fly. I have a very strong kick that only my pintail has been able to handle.

How fast can you push?
I’d say 20 mph or so. I never really checked.

Who are your sponsors?
Right now I’m sponsored by Bustin boards, Longboard loft, Abec11, and Buzzed trucks.
 How long after you started racing did you get sponsored?
At the end of my 1st race season, after I came in 2nd place in the 2010 Broadway bomb. Bustin picked me up after that.

Who do you skate with?
I skate with anyone who wants to skate.

What are your plans for this season?  
I plan on giving it my all. Anything can happen in a race, so all I can do is give 110%.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Chill with friends, ps3, make stuff, draw, and photography.

Do you do skate photography?
Yes not a lot but I have some skate photos online.

Choose 3 numbers between 1-28.
11, 1, 22

11 – What’s your favourite website?
Facebook, haha just because it’s the most visited site on my laptop.

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
My iPod, gotta have music when I skate.

22 – Do you have any hidden talents?
I model, fly planes, climb trees, rocks etc, and I’m good at everything I do haha.

It’s been great getting to know you a little! Good luck for Saturday!
No problem. I invite everyone to the bomb, best skate event of the year. It’s been fun talking with you.

Any thank yous?
I’d like to give a shoutout to bustin boards, abec11, longboard loft, A-team, and buzzed trucks

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