Snake Skeleton 2012 race report

An awesome festival of fun happened in Potrero de los Funes, San Luis – Argentina, the IGSA Snake Skeleton World Cup race  2012. It was impeccably organized by Argentina Longboard. The competition had 250 people registered. The events were downhill skateboard open class, Women’s class, Junior 1, Junior 2, Classic Luge and Street Luge.

The fun began on Thursday with the registrations and tech inspections. Then the IGSA representatives, Alexandre Mahia and Ivandro Silveira, gave a talk explaining the plan for the weekend, with a special stress on safety.
On Friday morning, we had freerides.
The organisers ran qualifiers in the afternoon to make a cut of 90 riders for Sunday’s finals. Those who succeeded entered a playoff on Saturday for 6 places for Sunday. Things did not go as planned because the Snake Skeleton is a difficult track and several accidents occurred. The stewards suspended the IGSA timed runs and consulted of the rest experienced riders, in order to know the track and take precautions to secure the track better. After that, accidents ceased. On Saturday, with cold rain and headwinds, time trials went smoothly and Douglas Dalua of Brazil, had the best record.

The much anticipated Sunday race came and it was a sunny day! Lots of spectators were present to see the show and there was great competition at all levels.
The Open class was won by the great Brazilian rider Danky Ovalhe, this was his first IGSA World Cup win, ahead of Alex Tongue and Thiago Gomes Lessa. The Argentines Lucas Falcioni and Simon Bustchek took a credible 12th and 13th position.

In women’s class, the surprise winner was a very talented rider from Brazil – Georgina Bontorin, who is only 15 years old, followed by the World Champion Rebekka Gemperle and third Christie Aleixo of Brazil. It should be noted that a large number of women registered for the tournament, around 20. The Swiss Yvon Labarthe competed in three categories downhill skateboard, Street Luge and Classic Luge.

In Junior 1, Brazilian Lucas Rocha won while  Nestor Castro of Argentina came second and Otavio Wolf of Brasil came third. In Junior 2, there was a titanic struggle for the podium, with great riders and great candidates. The Brazilian Rubin Willian won, Jonas Richter came second and Peruvian Gustavo Paredes came third. The Argentine Cristian Bovetti came sixth after falling at the last turn.

Brazilian riders won in all categories of Snake Skeleton 2012! Many thanks for great work done by the organizers of the Snake Skeleton, Claudia Luz and Fran Uristibondo and his team from Argentina Longboard, who were in charge of the organisation details and the safety of riders.

Something to improve on next year is the late delivery of the qualifying times on Saturday. It is important to note the work of the IGSA reps Alexandre Mahia and Ivandro Silveira and all the marshalls present, who put the safety of the riders foremost and ensured that everything worked flawlessly. Also notable was the treatment of the press which allowed us to do our work without problems.

The first IGSA World Cup race in Argentina came to an end with a party that was a lot of fun! I look forward to next year’s event.

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By Carlos Gomez