Teutonia Race Report

We were in Teutonia, Brasil, to see and experience the world’s fastest downhill race. Teutonia is a quaint little town located 110 km from Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The track is located about 10 kilometers from the city, and is nestled in a beautiful place, with a mix of dense jungle vegetation, corn, soybean crops and livestock.

It can be described as a giant slide, two kilometers long, starting with a curve to the left. After that first curve, riders reach speeds exceeding 110 km/h, and street lugers were exceeding 140 km/h. The speed is so high that smoke comes from the lugers shoes when they footbrake. Because of the narrowness of the track, two man brackets were run.

The event took place over four days, with two days of freeride and qualifications and the remaining for the race. The weather was the same every day, sunny and windless with comfortable temperatures. About three thousand people were present on Sunday.

Cassemiro Julian, a legendary South American skateboarder, told us that many riders were well prepared for this race, and I have to agree because Brazilian Riders dominated the race entirely. There was an exception among the dominated, Mr Kyle Wester, a native of Denver, Colorado, in the United States, a place that is characterized by incredible landscape. In the Open class, Wester won over Carlos Augusto Paixao, who set the fastest time in Saturday’s qualifying.

The outstanding rider of Teutonia 2012 was definitely Brazilian Junior Bernardo Brambilla, who finished third in Open Class and also won the junior category. In addition to this was his surprise elimination of Douglas Dalua in the second round!

For the women, the victor was the phenomenal Georgia Bontorín, only 15 years old, who repeated the success achieved in the Snake Skeleton and Guaíba, followed by Christie Alexio.

The organization of the race was great. The track was adequately secured. Lots of marshals with good communication. The ambulance service was also good. The riders were taken to the start in three buses. We had good sun protection, provided by two large tents. The food service and water for riders was also well organised.

Finally I want to tell you that we felt a certain uneasiness about the future of the world and South American circuit. The creation of the International Downhill Federation (IDF) with Kevin Reimer, makes many riders switch alliances from the IGSA. We will have to wait to finish the race season in South Africa to know what the future for the coming year is. Uncertainty is greatest among riders and organizers here.

We went to Brazil very happy. It was a great experience.

Acknowledgements: Street  Ludge Team Fast & Rastreiro, Curitiba Brazil, and their members: Jonathan O Gralha, Walter Baresi Rebeiro, Thiago Antunes, Elcio Monteiro, Mario Jardim and Wolverine Jades make us feel very comfortable and at ease in the distance. Also Junior Ailindo Ventorin for your attentions. Another special thanks to the family Boveti. Finally very grateful to all the runners for the good vibes and collaborated when taking pictures and interviews.

Words and photos by Carlos Gomez