Ysabel Mireles – Original Shoobie

Ysabel tells us all about her early skating days, riding for Original and a rad event coming up in Florida at her favourite skate park.

FAU Freeriders photo, at the grassy outlaw race.

FAU Freeriders photo, at the grassy outlaw race.

Hey Ysabel, where are you from?
Sunshine state where it’s thunderstorming and there are no hills around.

You skate through the storms?
Sometimes when Florida starts unexpectedly rains during your skate sesh.

When did you start skating?
Started skateboarding as a youngin’ with a Star Wars skateboard I got for my birthday and then picked up longboarding around middle school, which was probably 6 or 7 years ago.

Do you still ride both?
Yes, of course. When I go to Kona, I have a hard time picking so I usually go back and forth to my car swapping them.

What’s Kona?
Legendary skatepark in Jacksonville! And they always let me skate for free haha.

Pete from Duval wheels photo, Carnage on the coast

Pete from Duval wheels photo, Carnage on the coast

Because you’re supercute?
=^.^= they just love girl skaters.

Are there many girl skaters where you live?
We have a little crew of girl skaters in Florida, but of course not many.

How did you get into riding longboards?
I’ve always wanted one but my parents kinda just shrugged it off every time I asked for one, then this kid moved to my neighborhood and we bonded over skating. He had a Loaded pintail and I fell in love. So I finally got a longboard.

What was your first board?
You mean first love. Oak Loaded vanguard. I got it a month before Loaded started making bamboo boards.

Alex Bradford photo, local hill

Alex Bradford photo, local hill

Where did you ride in the beginning?
I had no car and no skill, so I would just ride around my hood a lot.

Was anyone else in your hood skating?
Yes, yes! My best friend who had the Loaded pintail skated with me. We skated every single day and our mission was learning the coleman slide, then it proceeded to doing the Loaded challenges together. We were so cute right?

What was your first successful loaded challenge series?
Series 1! I ended up winning a free set of slide gloves from the challenges, and all those tricks are basically implanted in me.

Is that your thing?
Tricks are like my childhood, hard for me to forget them. I’ve been starting to do more downhill & freeride. but even then, I need a chill sesh of freestyle/dancing.

How did winning those gloves change skating for you?
I didn’t have to use my ghetto gloves/hands to slide anymore. I used them for a good bit too. I just recently got new gloves.

Did you do many loaded challenges after that first one?
I did Loaded series 2, then I want to say I got sponsored by Loaded after that series. And I actually made a challenge for Loaded series 3, it’s a very awkward video of me explaining how to hang ten nose manual.

What sort of skating do you enjoy most?
Chill skating! Just messing around and having fun. I can’t stand serious riders and people obsessed with the most expensive/nice setup.

What are you obsessed with?
Skating, cats, and root beer.

oooops how did that get in there, silly cat....

oooops how did that get in there, silly cat….

How long after you started skating did you get sponsored?
I really couldn’t say. It was a surprise email from Adam C. asking me if I wanted to be sponsored. I never wanted to be sponsored but I was really stoked about it.

How did you feel?
Is this a question ^ I WAS NO LONGER A SHOOBIE.

What is a shoobie?

Who is me?
A ninja.

 Miller Hawkins photo, Carnage on the coast 2012

Miller Hawkins photo, Carnage on the coast 2012

What was it like to be on the loaded team?
It was rad, I had email convo’s back in forth with Adam Colton, I probably was that child annoying him but I just loved Loaded so to be on the team was a good feeling. Yes, I want to say I was the first girl. They had a small team back then, the year was 2008? Curse my memory.

What was your role in the family then?
I pretty much just made YouTube videos, there wasn’t a whole lot to do but just that, main goal was spreading the stoke.

How long did you stay on the team for?
Around 4 years.

What was the highlight of your time?
I would have to say learning new tricks and talking to Adam Colton, definitely a highlight of my time with Loaded.

How big an influence is Adam to you?
Pretty big haha, he helped me learn a lot of tricks and gave me tips on filming/editing.

Kayvon Flynn photo, UNF.

Kayvon Flynn photo, UNF.

Do you have any other skaters you look up to?
I look up to any skater that is enjoying the fun of skating and not criticizing others.

Why did you move on?
It was time for change!

What sort of skating do you do these days?
I’ve been getting into downhill and freeride nowadays. It’s the new hip thing out there ya know jaja.

What do you like about going fast?
It’s different and definitely gets the adrenaline going, I like how stoked everybody is after a fast run too. It’s always fun to go fast. You continually feel more comfortable on your board the faster you go… which is a good feeling in itself.

Do you compete?
Haaa, I try to compete but I’m not very fast, it’s fun to be apart of races though.

Katharine Kimball photo, Maryhill She-Ride

Katharine Kimball photo, Maryhill She-Ride

What was your first race?
King of Clermont! I didn’t do too bad either, ended up getting 4th place.

Who is the king of Clermont?
It’s a race in Clermont, FL. The biggest longboard event in Florida, this year it’s going to be huge. I’m mad stoked.

What is the scene like in Florida?
We surprisingly have a big group of skaters around Florida but sadly not enough hills to go around.

Who are the people spreading stoke down there?
I would have to say I met a lot of Florida riders and mostly all of them spread the stoke, we do sometimes have those kids who steal boards and blow out skate spots but the true florida skaters do work in this hill-less state.

Do you feed them to gators?
Gators gotta eat.

Who organises events?  
Mostly the sponsored riders, Cameron Frazier organises King of Clermont for everybody to enjoy and Michael Harrington organises Carnage On The Coast, which is another popular event in Florida.

Any rad shops?
We have more surf shops than skate shops but the few we have do the job. There’s also an event called Surf Expo which isn’t necessarily a skate shop, more of a convention but you can get a lot of skate items there for cheap/free.

How does it work?
It’s held in a convention center and it’s basically like a nerdy convention for skaters/surfers. Companies come out and set up their station and products.

What do you ride?  
I use to downhill on a Rayne Isis. Like what most girls started out on haha but now I ride the Original Arbiter 36 with 44 Caliber trucks and Orangatang InHeats.

on Huey photo, Maryhill She-Ride

Jon Huey photo, Maryhill She-Ride

What is an arbiter?
It’s Original’s newest downhill board and it’s a fast machine for a cheap price.

How is it different from similar boards in its class?
I haven’t ridden many downhill boards in my life or owned any other top mounts but I could say I have fun on it and Original put a lot of work into this board.

What is Original?  
Longboard company for rad cats. The team is awesome and I always enjoy seeing/talking to them at events. Original is a very friendly company and always there for their riders needs.

When did you join the team?
Right after KoC last year, so it’s almost been a year on the team.

How does one go about getting signed up?  
I’ve never flat out asked to be sponsored by a company, I would say just spread the stoke, skate hard, and get to know your companies before you go straight into asking them to sponsor you.

Andrea Murillo photo, at a local spot.

Andrea Murillo photo, at a local spot.

What competitions have you done since Clermont?
Carnage On The Coast, Central Mass DH, Broadway bomb, and some small slide jams.

How was central mass?  
Central Mass was fun! It rained for a good part of it though but everybody was still skating and enjoying the event. My first heat (and my last haha) was against Paige and Amanda so I got my ass beat ahaha, the push section got my balance off and my board slipped under me so I even fell in the process of getting beat \m/ it was still a fun time skating with everybody and Mike Girard puts on an awesome event.

Who are Paige and Amanda?
Paige Marsicano was a Florida rider and is a fast cat on hills, and Amanda Powell is an underground skater…. not too many people know about her.

Had you skated with girls before this?
Yes yes, Paige and I use to skate clermont. Also went to Maryhill She-ride which was a good amount of girl skaters event.

dunno who took it but this is KoC 2012

dunno who took it but this is KoC 2012

Who did you skate with in the beginning?
My best friend Austin use to be my only skate friend but then a lot more of my friends started picking up longboarding. My good friend Lauren, who’s also on the original team, started skating with me and we have some videos out there with us skating.

Are there many Original girls?
Slowly we’re getting a lot more girls skating and becoming apart of the team, as of now our girls team is pretty rad.

What was the highlight of your year?
Meeting Adam Stokowski haha my hero.

Do you have any plans for next season?
No plans, go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Dunno who took it, KoC 2012 practice runs

KoC 2012 practice runs

Pick 3 numbers between 1-40.
11, 9, and 36.

11 – What’s your favourite website?

9 – Favourite song to listen to when you skate?
Err that’s a hard one, I use to listen to a lot of Oh No! Oh My! when I would skate so yeah any song from there would be a favorite.

36:  Pearce D’Arcy asks: What is the last hill you would like to skate before you die?
I’m probably the least informed about awesome race hill’s names, so I’m gonna imagine one that’s in a different country and takes a while to get down and is mellow but still fast at the same time and has a beautiful scenery the whole way down, that would be nice.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you princess shoobs. Hope to catch you somewhere this year.
Same goes for you, thanks for the interview!

Any thank yous?
Thank yous to my sponsor Original Skateboards, also to the big skate family who I love to see every now and then at events, and also to the skate gods.

That’s all.



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