Groundhog Day Outlaw – Race Report

Oklahoma may seem like just another state inside the NoCoast, but the scene is growing and yesterday’s Groundhog Outlaw proved it. A year ago we were lucky to get 15 people out to race our local neighborhood runs, but yesterday we had over 40 riders from three different states, including two lady shot

You never know how many people will show up to a race when you make an event on FB. This was definitely an outlaw, we didn’t ask any of the neighbors and we were a bit nervous when it got above 50 people planning to come. All it takes is one wrong move and the spot is blown. That came in the form of a kooky groom that lost control of his board, which slammed into a lady’s closed garage door. She was pissed. We tried to calm her down, even pay and repair the damages, but she wasn’t thinking clearly and only wanted to call the cops. So we re-grouped and headed to a faster run where the neighbors are known to be super cool.
full-cut-homiesThe open division raced first. Groms going first and making us wait around is lame. So we do the opposite. With so many riders we had to stack the heats 6 deep. The start was super fun, dudes pushing on both sides of you all the way to the first corner. The run sweeps and dumps to the right taking you to a straight away and then a very tricky 90º left that can wash you out of your line into a metal storm drain if you’re not spot on.
stacked heatsThe finals were even more epic, at least for the locals. It was 4 guys from Oklahoma, including myself, three of us are teammates on BC Longboards, our local board company. After the push, I ended up in the back of the pack waiting for a good moment to attempt a pass. The two guys in front of me were fighting for second all the way down to the last corner. They tried to take the last corner two wide and one washed his line, I took the opportunity to cut inside and make a last second pass for third. Stoked to have been racing the last one with our homes, it was our home run, always good to hold it down like that.
hectic heatIt was so rad to see how the scene has grown so much over the past couple of years, much like I’m sure other towns around the country feel. It can only mean good things for everyone in the industry. Thanks again to Jeffery Hultner for putting together a rad event.

Dat Oklahoma skate scene.

Thanks to all the sponsors of the event:

Open Podium:

1- Jason Machado
2 – Dave Gnomesteeze
3 – Kyle Ramsey

grom-podiumGrom Podium:

1 – Jeffery Hultner
2 – Jeremy Williamson
3 – Bobby Swyers

Chris Hultner Photography:

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