Rayne Wheels review – Kyle Ramsey

The new ruby red thane from my favorite Canadian shop, Rayne Longboards, is finally released for 2013. IMG_9864They have ditched the marble thane and gone with something much better, red is so rad. This new side-set wheel leaves nice pinkish thane lines and feel really smooth on release and when hooking back up. I tend to like 80a for most spots in our area and the size is perfect, too small of a wheel and they don’t last as long so the 70mil is money. With rotating them after sessions they wear really smooth with no flatspots. For around $47 bucks make sure to pick some up at your local shop.
Diameter – 70mm
Durometer – 77a or 80a
Contact Patch – 38mm
Round Lip – No lip for better slip. Don’t talk back.
Stone Ground – Ready to rock, the moment you pop that plastic.
Slide Set – Side set 6-star core offers the right beef and balance for grip and slip.
Slide Thane – Smash out buttery slides at any angle without fear of flatspots.

Thank you Les. You are a gem