Orangatang Moronga Review

Goldilocks aka Mason got to review the latest wheel from the Orangatang stable – The Moronga. Read on to see a short summary and a gnarly video by Alex Mendez.

Speed: More than decent. A heavy outer rim and minimal inner body make for a shape that quickly accelerates and maintains speed better than a similarly purposed wheel. Speed will (obviously) gradually decrease as you inevitably destroy your wheels.

Agility: Fine. as a rule, I typically only ride 80-ish or softer wheels, so I can’t speak for the harder duros but the 80a’s, with their slim contact patch and semi-squishy lips don’t talk back or slide out without warning while you’re getting squiggly with your carves.

Release: Smooth and Predictable. As you get within a few millimeters of the core it starts to get jumpy.

Slide: Smooth. Consistent. It sounds like a foghorn on certain pavements but just ignore that. Not icy.

Hookup: Sharp and snappy, in a good way. For those of you worried about getting bucked, don’t be. It’s simply decisive. Not overwhelming.

Wear: Even enough. I gave them a little flatspot or two (completely due to errors in rider technique) and was able to round them out successfully. if you’re dilligent about rotating and flipping you won’t have any problems.

Life: Way way way way longer than I expected. With the size, shape and depth, I expected them to last me maybe a day or two, instead it was a week or too. Very deceptive.

Overall it’s a winner. Have fun kids


Video by Alex Mendez
Photos by Possala Wang