Mega Grand Prix – IDF World Cup Report

We were in the beautiful city of Belo Horizonte, to witness the final race of the IDF World Cup series: Mega Grand Prix.

Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, is the third largest city in Brazil, with about three million people. Its main activity is a strong manufacturing industry, agriculture and mining. Its airport, Confins, is an hour’s drive from the city.

The competition was held at an event center called Mega Space, near the City of Santa Luzia, where there is a road course and a great space to perform races.

The event was organized by the Federation Downhill Skate Mineira, led among by Thiago Duarte , Max Ballesteros, Alexandre de Castro and Claudio Kaka Verardi. They were accompanied by an enthusiastic and very responsible group of collaborators.

On the part of the IDF, the experienced hands of Unkle Lee Cation were in charge of all the competitive logistics.

A time keeping chip system was used for qualification runs, which was very dynamic and effective. Coupled with good software, this totally allowed riders to have stress free qualifying times and work on improving their times.

The whole organization was very fluid and the skating never stopped, because competitors arriving at the finish line were taken by waiting buses the start via an alternate way, so that the track was always available.

Safety was adequate, with hay in the curves. Two ambulances were available and four marshals with flags and excellent communications radios.

The track had 4 corners. The bravest of the racers went through a significant drop that ended in Turn 2, to the right. There was the top speed with a large slope. That was the place where there were many crashes.

It is to be noted that in the final races there were virtually no falls. The fast Swedish racer, Adam Persson, reached the final and got a deserved win, followed by Thiago Gomes Lessa, Danky Ovalhe and Max Ballesteros.
With the victory, Adam won the IDF World Cup series 2013.

Among the ladies, we must mention the withdrawal on Saturday of the Canadian Elena Corrigall – due to an injury. She had set the fastest time in qualifying and so secured the IDF title. The triumph in the competition was for the little big Georgia Bontorín, followed by Deborah Sass de Almeida, Maria Esyutina, Magda Blanc and Juli Arlettaz.

The juniors was won by the Chilean Matias “Chapita” Lopez, who had a sick ride throughout the competition.

In the Masters, the legendary Juliano Cassemiro won, followed by Silon and Juarez Garcia.

It was a great experience to return to Brazil and enjoy this amazing event organized by the Federation Mineira de Downhill Skate.

Words and photos by Carlos Gomez.