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Really stoked to share this conversation we had with our friend from Singapore. He’s a pretty big fish on tumblr, and he’s an alright guy. If your brand has a tumblr account, this is the one person you want following you.20120814_182323Hey Ugly, how are you?
I am doing good. What about you?

Swell. Where are you from?
I’m from a tiny little country called Singapore

What’s it like there?
It is overly populated for a small country. Haha.

When did you start skating?
Hmmm… If I’m not wrong 2 or 3 yrs back. My memory is bad.

Did you hit your head or something?
Haha actually yeah I did, when I was 10. I think.

Apart from dodgy memory – did you gain any super powers?
If by falling badly from skating every time you call super powers, yeah sure I did. Haha. If I had gotten the power of nightcrawler from x-men would have been awesome.

What got you into it?
Actually, I failed miserably at street skateboarding then I decided to get into longboarding. At least now I can ollie on a 38″ dbl kick board, but it’s taking a toll on my ankle. Proud of myself. Haha.

What was your first board?
Believe it or not it was a shortboard. Z-flex jay adams. Its 29″ and I learned to pump on that board. I had it setup for slalom. It was a great board but not long after I got an earthwing supermodel.

Who did you skate with in the beginning?
I was a lone wolf initially, till I decided to get out of my shell and meet people. That’s how I was able to get to where I am now.

Where are you now?

How did getting the supermodel change things?
It sparked the ability for me to learn more about longboarding and being introduced to a variety of things longboarding has to offer. I’m hooked since then.

Who were the first people you met?
I met a guy who was practicing dancing on his board at the park. Approached him and decided to join for a sesh at a nearby hill soon after. Its also where I met a buddy of mine, Yan or Hardy Boy as how we call him. We progressed from there together till we met a bunch of crazy dudes. They are from FTW Longboarding and I’m in it too. 

What is FTW?
Fuck The World. Haha. Don’t ask me why they decided to call it that, I have no clue why. There are 23 guys in it including me. We have guys from as young as 16 to 30+. We are a bunch of rowdy skaters. If you go to an event and you see a bunch of guys making a whole lot of noise, FTW are those kind of guys. A fun lot.

Who else was skating in Singapore back then?
Back then longboarding wasn’t known like how it is now. There were like only a few bunch of groups, these are those that I know of: MRB, Broness, SKRT and Chillax. Now there are a lot of groms skating. Recently a bunch of guys were filmed by the media called Red Dot. Getting a lot of coverage.

Who were the first skaters on the island?
I was told it was the guys from MRB. So probably it’s them. The pioneers you might say.

Who are the guys in MRB?
I only know a guy in it and I’m just too damn lazy to ask around. I’m also known as a lazy longboarder among my friends.

You’re ugly AND lazy. Are you good at anything?
Good? That’s your call. But I’m alright at taking pictures. Did some videos for the skating community here before but along the way I decided to stop because its one troublesome thing to do.
If you would like to visit it. Nothing much there so don’t expect a lot.

When did longboarding start to grow in Singapore?
Around early last year it started to grow and all the groms were progressing amazingly fast. I’m ashamed to say this but some of them are even gnarlier than I am. It’s ridiculous but it’s great to see them progress. It helps to build longboarding in singapore.

What caused the growth?
It is probably by the word of mouth and also the longboard shop here try their very best to bring in a lot of brands into their shop.  It is quite an expensive sport/hobby for Singaporeans.

You guys only have ONE shop on the island?
There are two that are currently bringing the latest stuff coming out from the longboarding world. Longboard Love Boardshop and Spitfire Skate.

Who’s the best skater in Singapore?
That would be me. I kid I kid. Haha. This will be a biased answer, but I would say my buddy, Aqil Ally. He’s so young and has so much style and is amazingly good. He skates everything. I’m not sure if he is the best in everyone’s eyes, but I do love watching him skate.

Which grom should the world watch out for?
This kid Dylan Symons, he has progressed so much in just a short time. I have only been away for a month or two and when I see him two days ago, he had a lot in store for me. So check him out if he has a video in the near future.

Is anyone there sponsored?
Ros Fie (Firdaus) is sponsored by riptide. If you heard of a Singaporean dude that crash at hot heels Africa two years back, that’s him. His helmet came off when he crashed. He got off with just a concussion if I’m not wrong. My memory is so bad, it is embarrassing. Oh, recently at Newton Nations he crashed too. Great guy who keeps on coming back stronger each time.

Who else?
Ali HD sponsored by LongboardINA all the way from Indonesia, Caliber Trucks flow rider and Lifelong Longboards. He should appear quite a few times on Lifelong Longboards’ Instagram.

What do you ride?
Valhalla’s Octahedron on Cronins and These Wheels for going sideways.
DB Longboards Diamond Back on Paris V2 and Hawgs Micro Monsters is my go-to board.
ftw circle logo

Do you still take photos/videos?
Been busy lately because of my national service. The last time I took photos was at an event at Johor, Malaysia called Monsoon Mayhem last January. 

Where do you post the things you make?
The first place I will post it on tumblr. You should know it. For those who don’t know the url it is: www.thisislongboarding.tumblr.com

How long have you been blogging about longboarding?
I initially started to post longboarding stuff together with random stuffs on my personal blog and then I decided to separate them. Here is a good fact, thisislongboarding got a thousand followers within 24 hrs. Now I’m onto my 10th thousandth followers.

Wow. Are you like famous?
Famous? Hahaha. No way man. Just a random blogger who is passionate about longboarding.

Why do you have so many followers?
I sometimes ask myself that, but maybe at that time there weren’t many longboarding related blogs. Now there are quite a couple of them who post good stuffs and not to forget those well known skater on tumblr too.

What’s the longboard community on the site like?
They are just like those ordinary community you found on Facebook or YouTube. It’s all good.

How is it different?
I love how tumblr people able to show their shots or videos that they took more than what you can find on facebook/youtube.

How do you use your popularity for the greater good?
I try my very best to spread the message of how important helmets are. I personally wouldn’t be typing this right now if not for my helmet. How do I do it on my blog? Basically I just post pictures/videos only with helmets on. That’s the least I could do for the community.

Do you have any favourite bloggers?
There are quite a few, to name some. Theskatedistrict by Sam Weaver. Emgeemann by Mike Girard. London Longboards. AmandaPowellSkate by the Commander Amanda Powell. Just to name a few. These are great people that post great stuffs on tumblr and they will be the first few people I would reblog from when I’m on tumblr.

Why haven’t you been blogging?
Since my laptop crashed, I haven’t been active on the blog, but when I have the time, my mobile phone comes in handy to reblog from others or post some of my own stuffs.

Did you hit your head again?
I did a few months back while going downhill. Wrong setup and weak ankle results in the crash. Lost my memory for that day and have a scar below my eye.

As if you weren’t ugly enough!
Haha. Made me look fierce.

How many accident have you had in your skating life?
As of now, 2. Fractured my fibula (left ankle) 6 december 2011. I have a metal plate and metal screws in my ankle now. And the other is the crashed I just mentioned.

How do you keep coming back after failing so much?
Honestly I tried to stop but I just can’t. I need to skate. My life is incomplete without longboarding. Even just cruising is good enough for me.

What’s your favourite thing to do on your board?
I love going from one side of the road to the other. It is as if you are floating. I love that feeling.

Where do you see the community on your island in 2 years?
Longboarding is growing here and I’m hoping for it to keep on growing and get it recognised as a sport just as how skateboarding is here in Singapore. The future is bright as the groms are progressing fast and hopefully the skaters here gets recognised by other countries.

Who organises events?
Usually the guys at Longboard Love Boardshop. Some other events are being done by individual groups just to spread the stoke and keep the community alive.

Why should skaters visit Singapore?
Despite the lack of landscape here in Singapore, there a lot of great skaters here and a lot of awesome people. We have great food here too. You can just drop by the skateshop and there will always be people to bring you along to the skate spots around the shop.

How has was last year been for you?
After my concussion, I took a long break from skating. It is nice to get back on board now but I hold back alot now. Speed will scare the hell out of me still. I will take things step by step. I’m a cautious skater now, skating within my limits.

Is it difficult to return when you get hurt so bad?
It wasn’t difficult for me because being on top of a board is where I feel comfortable. From time to time I do get reminded of my crash and it will shook me up if I go a bit too fast.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I will either chill with my mates or bum around at home killing fools on call of duty. I do get owned a lot though.

Pick 3 numbers.
9 , 11, 12

It’s been fun doing this buddy, thanks for all the interwebs love!
I had fun too with this interview. This is actually the first ever interview I’ve had in my life.

Any thank yous?
I would like to thank my family and gf for not stopping me doing something I have passion for, despite their countless nagging. My homies from FTW Longboarding for making skating much more fun. Mike Girard for giving me opportunity to test out g-form pads. Kyle Chin for being such a rad dude. The dude at London Longboards, who is one annoyingly good friend. Skate safe. Skate and live another day.





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