Rayne Piranha Review

I’ve been riding the Rayne Piranha for almost 2 months now and I am really enjoying it.   Living in a basically hill-less area with a few really mellow runs, I don’t exactly get to put gear to the test on the regular.  For this board review, I was lucky enough to take to the hills of Southern California to feel out the Piranha in stellar conditions.


The Piranha is the smaller version of the Rayne Amazon, both of which are Douglas Dalua Silva’s pro model boards. I’m a short rider with a small stance and the Piranha suits me well. The foot platform is plenty wide (10”) for my size 10 Nike shoe but not too wide to where it lacks in responsiveness. Along with the responsiveness, I re-drilled the wheelbase down to 24” (topmounted) and wedged my baseplates a bit in order to maintain an angle around 48-50* and it feels great.
The standard wheelbases on the Piranha are 28” and 29”, but like I said earlier, I’m a short little gnome. The overall length of the deck is 37.5” so this leaves quite a bit of room for extra nose/tail that is actually a lot more functional than I anticipated.
My favourite aspects of it are the radial drop platform and the mean cave concave combined with the 3 stage rocker, which keeps my feet locked in.

Now… into the skating. I spent a solid 4 days doing nothing but skating and living what we have dubbed as the “zoot life” with Buck/Metro homie Drew “NoSoul” Edwards. I was fortunate enough to have Buck Trucks fly me out for their big Sweater & Turtleneck party and to get some footage in the California hills so I have to give them a huge shout out and an even bigger “thank you.”  Once I landed around 11:00pm, Metro teammate Michael Hinze picked me up from the San Diego airport and we headed to the Buck warehouse and then on to camp at the top of GMR.
GMR was one of the most fun roads I have ever skated and I felt right at home on the setup I was riding (Rayne Piranha, Buck T6, Metro Diablos, Riptide/Riot bushings). Gripping and ripping was a blast but what I really love is a mix between that and drifting, so next we were headed to Malibu.
This is where I really got a good feel for the board and there is nothing bad I can say about it. The Malibu hills are like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it was rad to have such top-notch equipment to help me handle the slopes. I’m not wanting to name roads, but there were two different runs that I now call my favorite roads that I’ve ever skated… Rail to rail drifting and double guardrails…that’s as good as it gets! There was one road that didn’t like having some NoCoast skater enjoying the pavement so it decided to eat my board with it’s drain at the bottom of the run. Luckily, chickens of the sea don’t like the taste of Piranhas and Michael fished it out of the drain for me so I could skate another day.
I didn’t have one time during my trip where my setup felt sketchy at all and I was impressed with the feel of the Piranha under my feet.

Overall, I loved the Piranha.  After making this trip I realized that the Piranha would better suit me as my “go fast” board while the Darkside is more of my “slay everything down the hill” kind of deck.  The minor modifications I made to it have maximized its ability for grip and control, just the way I like it.
The same signature bamboo and fiberglass composite was used to make the deck so you know it has the same great Rayne quality guarantee and you’ll be getting your money’s worth. If you are a bigger rider, it would probably benefit you to check out the Rayne Amazon – a slightly larger deck with all of the same characteristics in the build.

Dave ”Gnomesteeze” Atess.