Guajataka Downhill 2014 report

Puerto Rico was AMAZING; wonderful weather, good parties and a lot of skateboarding.
This was my 5th time going to Guajataka Downhill and definitely not the last one. Many people know what happened last year, poor organization and everything was a mess. This year organization and security were top priority. The event ran very smoothly, I was expecting less, it was a good surprise. They set up a fence from the start line to the finish line, more security, and they prevented coolers in the event. I was very stoked to be back on the island and represent my people and sponsors.
My objective was to have fun and do my best. I made it to the semi-finals and it was a pretty tough heat, got Douglas Dalua, Jackson Shapiera, Jomar Guzman, Clifford, and Mack Wacey very intense heat. Racing this year was harder than the year before, locals are getting faster and better, Clifford won Men’s division, and 3rd in Open. Very proud to see how the locals improved and how the community grew in a year. The Guzman Brother made it to Open Finals; locals represented in every category, even more women this year.The sport is growing very fast on the island and I am very happy to be part of it.
Overall this weekend was perfect, good vibes and good friends, can’t wait already for next year, for sure it’s going to get better and better. You should mark this event on your calendar. Puerto Rico is a good place to spend a weekend with your friends; skateboarding, good weather, amazing hospitality, nice girls and hardcore parties.
Guajataca Final ResultsOpen:
1. K-rimes
2. Mack Wacey
3. Jomar Guzman
4. Cliffor Leida
5. Kyle Wester
6. Jose Guzman
7. Douglas DaluaJunior:
1. Dejaune Jones
2. Tomas Lugo
3. Erick Cuevas
4. Ian Padial
5. Alexander Rivera
6. Diego Quijano
1. Cliffor Deida
2. Jackson Shapiera
3. Dave Aparicio

1. Douglas Silva
2. Lee Cation
3. Jose Perez

1. Chance Gaul
2. Christian Roman
3. Juan Mercado
4. Jankiel Carranza
5. Steven Vera

Slide jam
1st pam Diaz
2nd Katy Nicole
3rd Gabriela Feliciano

Women’s Downhill
1st Katie Nielson
2nd Tiara Perez
3rd Danielle Clermont
Thank to Rayne Longboards for making the best boards, Vicious Griptape for keeping me on board, and Abec 11 Wheels for providing the real wheels.

Photos by Khaleeq the Don.



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