Kyle Ramsey: NoCoast Skater

Our homie, our brother, reviewer of things and stoke provider. Kyle Ramsey is that NoCoast guy killing it on the board, behind the camera and at organising. Stoked on this 2nd interview covering 2013.

Soggy ‘stache. Single Malt photo.

Hello my friend, how are you this morning?
Doing really well. I got into work a bit early this morning to work on a new branding project for one of our clients. It presents today, so had some hustling to do.

Still StapleGunning?
I am indeed. It’s been 6 years since I started stapling, I’m the Senior stapler now. Stoked on that!

Congratulations. Have you guys got any new skaters in the fold?
Haha, funny you ask. We hired a new web developer last week, he was stoked to see all the decks we have around the office.

Maybe he’ll be hitting up rad trails with you soon!
I hope so. Our local OKC scene is all but dead, we need more riders!

Local canyon runs. Kristen Ramsey photo.

I thought it was on the up, what’s gone wrong?
All the older guys dropped it. There are about 7 – 10 of us holding it down.

Where are the groms?
Well we have plenty of those, but they are stuck in 180 land. We’re looking to skate with homies wanting to go fast. Throwing slides are rad, but do it in a run or into a corner. Going as fast as you can in a straight line then throwing a stand-up to a complete stop doesn’t interest me at all.

“Going as fast as you can in a straight line then throwing a stand-up to a complete stop doesn’t interest me at all.”

Are you looking to do any outreach?
We have taken a few out to some rad spots. Without the younger guys there would be no one to fill the shoes of those that quit. Right now I’m more focused on getting to events and travelling to skate. If the younger guys can make it out, good for them.

Taking in the Ozarks. Kyle Ramsey photo.

How is your year going?
So far it is stellar. We had a rad NoCoast meetup at the first of the year. Such a great way to start 2014. Oklahoma is hosting it’s first sanctioned race next month so that is killer. Throw in some traveling to events and tons of local outlaws and it should be a sick year.

Rad! Who is sanctioning it?
Some out-of-towners, ThankYou Events I believe. We’re kind of bitter about it, but it should be a great event. Three days of skating on a closed road is always a good time. We have some big names showing up trying to take all the cash, stoked for some really tight racing in packed heats.

I guess that’s the motivation to not let the out of towners take your gold!
Exactly. There is $1k for first place, that’s a lot of gold for my pocket.

“What makes (NoCoast) unique is that we are all in the same boat… small local scenes that want to session with more people… No race, no prizes, just camping and as much skating as possible.”

What is NoCoast?
NoCoast is a combination of states in the mid US that don’t have a coastline. What makes it unique is we all are in the same boat for the most part, small local scenes that want to session with more people. So we meetup in each other’s states for what we call “meetups.” The last one included 30 riders from 6 different states. No race, no prizes, just camping and as much skating as possible.

Freshly paved runs. Blake Pesetsky photo.

What led to the formation of this coalition?
I’d say it was the original Boarder Crossings trips that started it all. We met a rad guy named Matt Ewalt that always let us stay at his house when we were in town. It was definitely the Ozark skatehouse. He introduced us to guys from Kansas & Missouri and now we all stay in contact with each other. Social media allows for us to set a date and see how many guys we can get out there. We had to turn away some last time, was just getting too big. That’s a good thing though.

Where have you had ‘’meetups’’ so far?
We’ve had two so far, both at the same location. Super sick run with a fast top and bottom section, with six or so hairpins. The next one will be somewhere else, I can’t tell you haha.

How are they different from your usual skate weekends?
The guys that come out are always rippers. It’s always fun to take runs with 10-15 guys that you see once or twice every few months. Just something about sitting around a campfire at night sharing stories of skate trips and crazy runs from that day. You just don’t get that in our local scene. For us it’s all about traveling as much as possible.

NoCoast outlaw going down. Kye Ramsey photo.

What’s the optimum number for stokenanigans?
We hate to put any number on it. We try to think about it like an outlaw race, the more people the more likely we will be asked to leave. When guys are driving 10+ hours for the weekend we try to take every precaution, the meetups are definitely not the time for guys that aren’t as experienced to come out and get hurt. We are usually in the middle of nowhere with no hospital for hours.

How does social media help the NoCoasters?
It’s all about the internets. We use it on a daily basis to plan trips and sessions. It’s kind of sad how much we depend on it. I probably wouldn’t use FB if not for skating purposes, but it seems it has become part of every skate scene. Without it, organizing meetups with 30 guys would be impossible.

Coast lines are cool, but mountain runs through a small rural town with no traffic is where it’s at.

Can you be just as rad without a coast?
Haha, definitely. Coast lines are cool, but mountain runs through a small rural town with no traffic for hours is where it’s at.

Kyle Ramsey & Dylan Greenbaker. Barrandey photo.

Are you still documenting your adventures?
Most definitely. I think I put together 50 or 60 edits last year. The big change for 2014 is the new website. NoCoast Skate is now the place to find all the videos and photos from our trips and local sessions. Documenting the skating and social life of skaters is still important to me. However I’ve become a lot more picky with what I show and how much time I spend doing it. I don’t ever let it get in the way of taking runs, I’d still rather skate than film. More often than not I find a way to do both.

Why did you do away with KR longboarding?
KR longboarding was too personal. It outgrew its original purpose which was to document my experience learning to skate. I wanted a place to post images and videos of everyone that we skate with, not just myself. I also have guys from other states contributing to the media that’s posted. I still do most of it, but our VIMEO channel is definitely a place for anyone from our scene to post videos.

Is the flavour of the content still the same?
I’d say it’s changed a lot from the KR blog. I designed a new logo for NoCoast Skate, I feel that opened up the opportunity to brand videos and photos a little differently. Also, like most things, you get better and smarter, so I try and think about what is posted and not just throw up every pic that was taken. We also have a guy that is an English major that now proofs a lot of the copy, no place for grammar errors in the NoCoast.

Who are the people contributing?
Guys like Cody Womack, Derrick Duncan & James Howsman. They are some guys that we see at almost every meetup and event. Love skating with those guys.

Heelside drift. Jeremy Williamson photo.

Where do you see the site going this year?
I’m really stoked on the new direction of giving more interviews and product reviews as well as epic photography and video production. One thing we are trying to do is give insight behind the product. We had a really good interview with Paul Kuyt the owner of REY Trucks as well as Nate Pauli from Origin distribution. We think that people enjoy to hear from the makers and not just the riders. Hoping to have more of that this year for sure.

Be on the lookout for the 3rd Machado Classic to go down late August.

Where did your 2013 adventures start?
2013 was a great year. Started out with my first published ad of me in a German skate magazine, 40inch. Then I had a pic I took of Jared Henry from Metro published in Concrete Wave, I couldn’t have been more stoked for a great friend and skater. I attended some great events last year Gnarathon, Summer Solstice, Crosses, and too many outlaws to list. I also started a new NoCoast event, the Machado Classic. Be on the lookout for the 3rd Machado Classic to go down late August. As far as outlaw events go, this is the one to make it to. We had such a great summer last year, I feel like I did more traveling than any previous year. Really stoked on this summer to get back to it.

Shepherds outlaw. Barrandey photo.

What is a Machado classic?
It is an invite-only outlaw dedicated to the ultimate Oklahoma OG, Jason Machado. He was seriously injured when filming the promo for the first Machado Classic. It was going to be called the Marble Outlaw, but it felt right to name it after him. Jason had a full recovery and has even been spotted at local skate parks. I doubt you’ll ever see him skate an open road again, but we are just all glad he is happy & healthy. We had 80 riders come out from 7 different states for the last outlaw. We have a camping spot within walking distance from the fastest corner. It’s such a fun event to host/race, hoping to have 120 riders to fill a full bracket this year.

What was the highlight of the Machado Classics?
As the organizer it was throwing an outlaw and not having it get busted. Second to that was having another photo finish, that’s two in a row! The bottom of the run is perfect for drafting on someone and pulling a late pass.

Machado Classic photo finishes. Barrandey photos.

Is Josh still skating?
Josh will always skate. He has some old shoulder injuries that keep him away from downhill for the most part. He is all about that bowl life. He’s actually about to move back to Australia, stoked for him!

Did you travel to any new places?
I did, what’s funny is if you don’t drive sometimes you have no idea where we’re skating. Usually one or two guys will find the spots on a map and then we just head that direction. I know I visited some new places in the Ozarks I had never been. I didn’t get much further than that though. We can get to some really fast runs with only driving three or four hours. It’s hard to find motivation to drive further when it’s right there. Unlike guys that have fast runs in their backyard we make day trips and it feels like a big road trip to us.

Blur. Single Malt photo.

Were you still riding your torpedo/eel?
Not at all. BC Longboards is no longer around as far as I know. The business partners had a falling out and we’ll leave it at that. The situation could have been handled much differently, we (team riders) couldn’t wait to get back to drama-free skateboarding. I had been on the 2013 Rayne Avenger, but lately I can’t get enough of the Truncated Tesseract. Sick board in a small package.

How does the T.Tesseract tickle your fancy?
Dude the short wheelbase is so fun. Ultra light and responsive, great for taking to work every day and ripping the hills on the weekends.

Canyon surfing. MacGregor photo.

Still on Rey-lites?
No, probably halfway through 2013 I switched over the the Death REYs. They have a little less lean which I like for higher speeds. I’m able to ride the same bushing set-up any type of run.

What was the highlight of your summer?
For sure the Fayettechill Summer Solstice. It was a three day festival celebrating all things outdoors. There was a clear river we could walk to every day, a tent city with all the homies, a slide jam, outlaw race and live music. It was too rad, hoping to hear soon on the dates for this summer.

Righty at Gnarathon. Barrandey photo.

Why do you love camping so much?
I grew up camping a lot with my family. I was also in Boy Scouts all through school so I was constantly spending time outdoors. I kind of got away from it while I was in college, there is just something about sleeping outside that is fun. You have to be one with nature Gbemi!

Can you make a fire with your mind?
I can, just requires the perfect amount of concentration mixed with shrooms. Just kidding, but I can make a mean fire, all about being able to stay warm while drinking cold beverages.

Do you enjoy skating more with the freedom to ride any skateboard you fancy?
Very much so. It was great to support a local board company, but when you know there is something out there you’d be more comfortable on it’s nice to be able to try it out. I think we all went straight home to pull out our Rayne decks that had been collecting dust

NoCoast campfire. Kyle Ramsey photo.

How was the rest of your 2013?
Pretty mellow with all the cold weather and salty roads. Oklahoma didn’t get hit too hard, but there were a few weeks where every day was super cold or snowing. I then spent some time down in Texas with my family before coming back up to Oklahoma to spend New Years with friends. We tried something new and camped for New Years, haha an excuse to be outside is a good excuse! Also I started growing a mustache for the first time. It kept me warm through the winter and has proved itself worthy of sticking around.

What’s given you the biggest smiles this year?
Winning the World Outlaw Championships last weekend was pretty rad! Beating the Gnome at his own event is tough, he always finds some way to make it to the finals. His luck finally ran out and I was able to take his title.

How important/hard was it to beat the Gnome!
It’s always important to beat the Gnome. He has many ways of making sure you don’t make it through your heat (ask Jared Henry). He’s so small and nimble that he’s easy to lose track of and then all of the sudden he’s passed you!

The Gnome arises from the fog. Kyle Ramsey photo.

Where will we catch KR over the rest of the year?
Next month you’ll see me at Davis City Downhill then I think we have quite a few outlaws going down before all the travelling starts. Big plans for a new review coming out, I’ve made some production team hookups and looking to make some really high quality edits this year. I’m hoping to make it to more sanctioned events this year, but I feel right at home helping the NoCoast scene with events and getting riders together for meetups.

Kyle buddy, it’s been awesome doing this again. Thank you so much for being such a stand up guy. Really appreciate all the work. Hope we get to hang soon; bring the fire, I’ll bring the bacon.
Make sure it’s the thick kind of bacon, cooks better over a fire! Thanks again Gbemi, always a pleasure to chat with you. Thane Magazine has been killing it, honoured to be a part of that. 

The canyon righty. MacGregor photo.

Any last words?
The wife would be bummed if I didn’t give her a shout out. Over the years she has become a great partner for traveling on skate trips. She gets stoked on taking good pics of the homies and has learned to love the outdoors as much as I do. She’s da best!

Thanks to REY Trucks for being a rad sponsor over the last couple of years. Really excited to see where we go in 2014.

Also, I’m left-handed and apparently it’s National Left-Hand Day!

Happy lefty day! How do you celebrate?
Haha, well … give it a well deserved day off.