Pam Diaz: Steezy Banshee

Ambassador to the Kingdom of Swag – Pam Diaz, tells us about her recent adventures, Jetting across North America, spreading smiles and thane lines. #SoFamous

Squat Steeze - CathyKat photo

Squat Steeze – CathyKat photo

Hola Pammy Pam Pam, how are you?
Hola! Super good. Back home after a good trip around PR! Stoked to get back and shred with my local homies. How are you ?

I’m great! What took you to Puerto Rico?
There was a circuit of races, which I’ve attended for 3 years now. It’s always a good time in Puerto Rico. We get to see many international shredders on a good vacation and also we play fast skateboards.

What do you like about visiting PR?
The homies always treat us like family, they get super stoked when I get there and I really enjoy all the island vibes. It feels like home! There’s a very big downhill scene, a lot of shredders always pumped to go skate and party!

Khaleeq behind the lens

Khaleeq behind the lens

Is it different from home?
It’s different since they have a federation and a lot of organization for the sport. We don’t have that in the DR. There are a LOT of downhill skateboarders in PR, in the DR right now we are less than 30. I wish people would realize how good this sport is for the Dominican scene and maybe this will motivate them to start supporting us more, help us grow and spread the stoke. For now, we are doing everything we can to promote our passion.

What do you have one in DR?
There’s a  new Dominican federation dedicated to skate and inline called FEDOPATIN (Federacion Dominicana de Patinaje) and we are trying to work with them and get Downhill Skateboarding to be a part!

What does working with them offer?
They could help us get support from local brands when we host events, they get support from the government and this could be a good way to reach more people and informed them about our sport, promote us in the country, make us official. Things could be easier and our sport could grow bigger if we get support and recognition in the DR! They could help us with the events and we can help them back.

What competitions did you do in PR?
I was there for the 2014 Guajataka Downhill and the Guama Downhill. I’m still tripping about Puerto Rico! Such a good time in the races, I really enjoy getting together with all the shredders from around the world and just skating, racing and enjoying!

Khaleeq Alfred photo

Khaleeq Alfred photo

How did you do in the comps?
Like a boss! Took the first place at the Guajataka ladies slide jam, I made it all the way to the finals after 3 heats and took 4th at the downhill race. A few days later, I got 1st place at the women’s downhill race in Guama (guns guns guns icons here haha).

First time winning?
Two years ago I won 1st place at the Guajataka race, but it was really different. There were two ladies divisions. I also took 2nd at the slide jam that year and 4th at the Guama Downhill race! That was a fun time.

It’s been 2 years and 1 week since we last spoke, and then you were the only girl competing, have things changed?
Hell yea! We have 7 more girls in the DR shredding skateboards! It’s slow but we are definitely growing.

More girls in PR?
Hell yeah! Lots of girls are shredding. I hope someday we can get my home girls from DR and PR together and shred! I felt really excited this year when I skated with the Puerto Rican girls, they are getting fast and steezy man! I want to have them in my crew.

DeLaCruz Fotografia

DeLaCruz Fotografia

What was your finishing move at the slide jam?
I don’t know. That was a super chill day just skating and doing ma thing! Didn’t even think about having competition just shredded hard and fast, that really worked out for me. Is all about the fun! The one having more fun always win.

How come you’ve only just left PR?
Yeah there were 3 races there but I only planned to race Guajataka. When I was supposed to leave, my friends asked me to stay. I decided to stay, but it was too late to register for the next race the Sunday after. I went to that race to support my friends and spend time with everybody. After, I skated all week waiting for the Guama Race a week after.

Did your friends do well in the races?
They all killed it! I’m proud of them.

What were you riding in PR?
I was riding my favourite board ever! It’s a Jet Banshee with Abec11 Lime BigZigs, Caliber Precision Trucks and Blood Orange bushings! That’s a sexy beast right there.

What is a Jet skateboard?
It is a board you need in your life, right now! Jet Skateboards is killing it with all the fresh boards and a sweet team full of gnarly shredders! Can’t wait for the 2014 lineup coming out next month. Boom!

When did you join the team?
I’ve been shredding Jet boards for 9 months now. I became part of the team last June and it has been so much fun representing Jet Skateboards in the Caribbean next to my BIG HOMIE Miguel Cabreja (part of Jet team too) he gave me my first Jet Board! Now in the DR, a lot of my homies are skating Jet decks and that shit is fucking awesome! Boom, everybody loves Jet.

CathyKat photo

CathyKat photo

Who is Miguel?
You don’t know Miguel Cabreja? He is one of the first Dominicans to grab a longboard and get steezy on it! He has been longboarding for over 4 years and he is definitely the big boss in the DR! He is my personal trainer and teacher. All I know is thanks to him! He has been teaching all of us how to be steezy like him! He is also my teammate at Abec 11, Jet Skateboards and Holesom and definitely the person who made me fall in love with downhill skateboarding! Everybody in DR loves Miguel Cabreja! Watch out for him, 2014 is his year!

How does the Banshee work for the kind of skating you like to do?
The banshee is my new love, we have a serious and deep relationship! I’ve been skating a lot of different decks and this one is just perfect for everything! This board definitely was an upgrade for my skating. (A good skater skates any board, I know that…) but I spent a few months changing boards trying to find what I was looking for, that was really confusing till I skated the Banshee, fits perfectly and gives me a lot of stability! I’m really afraid to fall in love with the new Jet lineup and leave my banshee haha.

What are the technical specs?
It’s a sweet baby beast; 37.5 long with micro drop and a sexy kicktail! 10.0” wide and it has two wheelbase options one is 27.25 and the other one is 28.25! Made of 8 ply Canadian maple.

Leticia Corti photo

Leticia Corti photo

Do you have any other new sponsors?
I’m now part of the ambassador team at Skate Blood Orange , Caliber Trucks and Jack Daniels DR! This year I also joined the Socco78 Team! They make sweet and groovy socks.

Jack Daniels! Do you have a JD patch on your leathers?
I will get one eventually! I guess that could be bomb! Gotta suggest it! hehe

How does one get sponsored by Jack Daniels?
Jack Daniels Dominican Republic has a sweet ambassador program going on! I’m part of the 2nd season and it’s awesome, we are a group of about 9 different persons with different styles, we have graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers, a surfer, you know, they are getting the young people together to bring the Jack Daniels lifestyle out there!

Are you why puto Roberto rocks a JD shirt?
Hell yea! I love Robertoooooooooooooo forever! He had a JD tattoo on his nipple haha we went out to party that night and all the ladies loved it!

CathyKat photo

CathyKat photo

Did you have a fun 2013?
It started in a sad way! But it was definitely a good year! I got back on my board after an injury, I travelled a lot around my island with my friends, I spent a good time next to my family, travelled and skated! It was a sweet time, can’t complain! Lots of blessings in my life.

This year is gonna be full of new adventures and a lot of travelling! I’m ready to shred different terrains and meet new people! Win some events too.

Do you still hate chicken?
I actually don’t! Haha, I eat chicken again.

Are you still finding new spots on the island?
Hell yea! You can’t imagine the amount of spots we have in the DR! So many and so many more to discover! We try to discover new stuff at least every month! Going hill hunting is amazing.

How has the DR scene developed recently?
I wish more people get motivated and come skate with us! We are always stoked when we meet new shredders that wanna learn.

Squat - Cathykat photo

Squat – Cathykat photo

Do you have any rad groms?
Well we actually have a grom in our crew, he is learning how to push and he is really stoked on the sport! I’m really into teaching him and making him get steezy! He has the most important thing: attitude.

What events did you hit last year?
I went to just a few! I spent most of my time at home doing work and producing stuff! chilling. I was at the 2nd Catalina Island Classic in California and also attended some events on the east coast (NY and NJ), 2013 Ithaca Slide Jam and Downhill race!

What’s the secret to #PamSwag?
#iwokeuplikethis HAHA.

When are you coming to Europe?
I wish soon! I’ve never been in Europe! WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You still shoot photos?
I do! But now I need new and fresh equipment to get back on track! This will come with hard work this 2014.

CathyKat photography

CathyKat photography

When are we going to see more Pam Diaz videos?
Soon! We are always filming and doing work; but yeah! a new Pam Diaz video is what I’ve been wishing for for a while now! It’s happening!

What do you hope for in 2014?
I hope to stay healthy and strong to be able to keep doing my thing in my skateboard! I wanna travel everywhere, represent my country and my crew Quisqueyanos Del Patio. I know I can do whatever I wish for! I just have to commit and go get it! I’m going TO BE A CHAMPION.

How is the women’s DH community?
The women are killing the league! A lot of fast ladies all over the world! That shit gets me super pumped! I want to meet them all and skate! It’s awesome to find girls to share my passion with! I hope it keeps growing in the most positive way! Is a different vibe when I’m skating with girls.

Don Sheffler photo

Don Sheffler photo

Did you get to skate with many new girls last year?
Hell yea! So many fast shredders out there! So many more to meet, can’t wait!

Did I forget to ask anything?
Five random questions to finish? Like last time! hehehe

People usually only get the questions once, but you can choose again because… Pam.
<3 !!!

Pick 3 numbers between 1 – 666.
1, 15, 69

1 – If you had to be a bad guy in a movie, who would you be? bad guys always eat shit in the movies!
Ha! I’d rather be the skater superhero haha.

15 – What is Victoria’s secret?
It’s my favourite brand! I collect their coconut splash and perfumes! I love perfumes!! haha

69 – What did you do on Valentines day?
I had a sweet time next to the homies I love, we had a BBQ night at Miguel’s house and we all got together like the family we are!

De La Cruz Photo

De La Cruz Photo

Pammy! It was so fun doing this. Thank you for sharing your story. Hope you get the chance to race Kozakov this year!
Thanks Gbemi for the sweet chat! It’s always a good time talking to you! <3 besos y abrazos!

Any last words?

Stay updated with my adventures!
I keep my instagram fresh @pamdiazz and

You can find the gear I’m rocking at



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