Davis City Downhill race report

This past weekend, the first ever sanctioned Downhill Skateboarding race in Oklahoma went down in Davis City. Roberto had a lot of fun there. Photos by Dan Kelly.
roberto For this race, I didn’t get ready as I usually do because I live in Iowa and there’s snow everywhere.

I decided to go because this was the first sanctioned event in Oklahoma, and it was close to me! I drove down there, a 10 hour drive which was not that long! I called my dad to see if he wanted to come from Puerto Rico, and help me drive down there, so he came and help me out with the driving! Also some friends from Iowa Matt and Boone came down with me, It was their first race and they were very stoke for skating in warm temperature!

I want to attend every race that I can, so I can represent my sponsors and stay active in the sport. Besides, meeting new people is always good! I was expecting tight racing and a lot of #fun. The course was very narrow and the average speed was around 35mph with a very steep chicane! I was looking forward to seeing many crashes and thankfully nobody got serious injuries.

My main objective this weekend was to have fun and enjoying skating with my buddies. As expected, the race was amazing! Everything was well organized, Greg Noble from No bull Longboard team was helping out with running the heats! Seth and Emmy were making sure everybody got food and a place to sleep! Also, they made sure everything ran smoothly! It was great.

I was racing on my favourite gear as usual; Rayne Piranha, Aera Trucks, Abec11 Wheels, Vicious grip tape and Venom Bushings! I had a good time skating with everybody. People were shredding down the hill very fast. Unfortunately, I crashed in my first round all by myself haha, but that’s part of it! I was still very stoked to see everybody skating and smiling. Spread the Stoke! I love Longboarding!

The event organization was extremely good, nothing else to say. Every racer had a place to sleep, showers and bathroom. Also a choice to buy a meal plan for the whole weekend, breakfast, lunch and dinner! We also had a racer cabin so we could relax and wait under a roof with a heater! We had the road closed for 24 hours, people were skating until sun went down.
The best surprise was a skate park for us to skate the whole weekend, under a roof with lights and a band!

Everything made me smile that weekend, skating with my friends, lurking, fun heats, crashes and everything but especially this kid called Kameron, it was his first race ever. He was shredding and killing during the whole weekend with a Loaded TanTien flex 2!!! He was ripping the hill and bouncing at the same time! At the end of Saturday, I decided to gave him my board and some wheels. He was super stoked to be riding a stiff board finally. This made me smile like nothing else! He was very very stoked to be riding my Rayne Piranha! Keep killing it dude.

The finals were tight and very fast! Louis Pilloni, Brian Cortright, Zak Maytum and Jared Henry were in the finals!

1st Brian Cortright
2nd Louis Pilloni
3rd Zak maytum
4th Jared Henry

Shout out to Seth Gouker for dedicating his time to organize this event. Greg Noble for supporting the scene and helping out with the race. The event sponsors for giving out stuff to racers. Also my dad for coming up here and supporting me in everything. Rayne Longboards, Vicious Griptape and Abec11wheels for getting me to the race and providing my high performance gear!