Natura DH race report

On March 14th & 15th the Natura DH race returned and brought together riders from all over the country; being the first race of the Mexican DH skateboarding season

1508229_820643864617041_1629499501_nThis is probably the easiest race track on the circuit; with a length of a 1.2km and a top speed of  75 km/h. This creates a very competitive and close race.

With a race format of 4 riders per heat, packs are really close and makes it really easy to crash with other riders.

We had about 8 practice runs on the first day due to delays in the program and technical difficulties, but in the end every rider got to taste a bit of the cake.

Race Day:
Hot as hell and a relative humidity of 100%. At 12pm, racing heats started, groms opened the race and after some crashes and bails Oscar Gutierrez dominated the division.

Ladies also had the chance to race, only 4 made it to the event but enough make a interesting show, roadrash and bruises were no enough to stop ladies on this quest.

Liz Janeth from Guadalajara made it back home with the first place.

The Open class had tons of crashes and really tight pack riding.

In the end Gerardo Moreno, also from Guadalajara, made it to first place for the second year.

1st-Gerardo Moreno
2nd-Daniel Caro
3rd-Edgar Magaña
4th-Miguel Azanza
1474788_820646844616743_596270755_n (1)

1st-Oscar Gutierrez
2nd-Brandon Ortega
3rd -Daniel Valenzuela
4th-Luis Ortiz

1st-Liz Flores
2nd-Valeria Figueroa
3rd-America Medina
Claudio Uribe photoClaudio Uribe photo

Congratulations to all the winners

Words by Gerado
Gracias to Oso Neri for the photos.