Rachel Bruskoff: Funsized Bagel

In this second chapter in the life of Miss Bruskoff, she tells us about picking up some sponsors, plans to race more and space cats.

Aaron Morales photo
Aaron Morales photo

Hey Bru Bru, how are you?
Fantastic! A lil headachey, but great overall.

Excited for the weekend?
Yes and no. If it keeps raining no, but if it stops I’ll be ecstatic!

Rain, in Cali! Who did you offend?
The drought gods. The rain is needed, but definitely unwanted. It is southern Cali after all.

How do you appease them?
A few sacrifices here and there. Hopefully they’ll be pleased and move out of Cali soon. I miss the sun!

Rad Train photo.
Rad Train photo.

Last time we spoke, it was just after Hannukah 2012, how was the last one?
It pretty much didn’t exist last year. It fell upon Thanksgiving and just got lost in the turkey somewhere. Supposedly that occurrence isn’t going to happen for about another 1000 years or so

Did you get any presents?
A while after actually. Things happened and my presents got pushed back until January. Some knee pads, rad facial stuff, and a new super stealth visor for my full-face.

Where did your skate adventures start last year?
Just kept it local mostly. I’ve got Malibu at my fingertips so I don’t need to go far to enjoy skating. I did venture to the second Sheride up at Maryhill, I travelled all around California, and I went to Israel! Well, that was the beginning of this year actually.

Daniel Huante photo
Daniel Huante photo

Your 2nd she-ride?
Yup! There have only been 2 she-rides at Maryhill and I’ve been to both!

Was the second more fun
It was way more chill. I just got to hang around, talk to rad shredding ladies, and take runs all day.

Are you more comfortable on your local roads?
Absolutely. The roads I skate here I know so well. I can take the tight lines without worrying about what’s next and charge harder because I know how the road feels. Getting to know a road personally makes it that much more fun to skate.

Who were you skating with last year?
Anybody I could! Mostly the homies within the SFV longboarding club, and any local LA/ soCal shredders!

Don Sheffler photo
Don Sheffler photo

How is the SFV?
Pretty great actually! Since the new semester started we have new members and they are so determined to shred! They’ve just jumped into it and are improving so much! Sessions are definitely becoming more rad. Although the cops in our neck of the woods are starting to crack down on us more often.

How is college?
Not going at this point in time. Just full time skating! The one class I needed to take to finish things off was cancelled so I’m just off for now. It’s what happens when you’re an art major.

Is skating legal?
In southern California, no. There are a bunch of laws against it and it seems like individual cities are making even more laws putting it down. But that adds to the fun and adventures! I enjoy being sneaky.

Caitlin Yong photo
Caitlin Yong photo

What’s the worst that could happen?
A ticket. Which in most cases I can fight anyway. Loopholes baby!

Are you still painting skateboards?
Absolutely! I just recently painted my Landy Ripple Ridge. Space Cats.

What’s your inspiration to paint?
I love colour and nature. When I paint I just want to flow and have fun with it. Painting outer space and nebulas always keep me doing just that and it’s definitely my favourite.

Don Sheffler photo
Don Sheffler photo

Do you find it easier to express yourself on a canvas or on a skateboard?
Definitely skateboards. The shapes are more fun to work with and way more inspiring. Although, the first dings and scrapes are a bit heart wrenching.
In terms of personal expression, I am way more out there on a skateboard. I zone out and go with the flow. I try to get as connected to my ride so that I can enjoy even more. I like to move my body around with the curves of the road and just float about. When it comes to art, I’m a perfectionist. I flow with my space paintings though, that’s why I enjoy it so much.

Have you been to outer space?
Only through my paintings, which are fun to look at and get lost into.

What setups were you riding last year?
A bombsquad Agent Mini with Cronins, the mini Vugenhausen with a 46/44 Caliber split, and the Top Speed 34 on PNL Strummers and rolling fast on Biggie Hawgs. I always seem to ride the mini versions of boards. Smaller is better!

“I always seem to ride the mini versions of boards. Smaller is better!”

Are any of those your sponsors?
I ride for Landyachtz now and flow from PNL.

Are you still tiny?
I prefer to call it fun sized!

CHoo CHoo
CHoo CHoo

What events did you attend last year?
I went to the Downhill Disco, San Pedro Shred, the Sheride, Santa Gnarbara, Bonelli, Hit It and Quit It, other local jams and outlaws, and then the slide jam that I hosted!

Congrats on le sponsors! How did that come about?
I put up my first edit on le FB and my homie Sam Hay shared it. He had been riding for PNL at the time and through his share, Doug saw me and hit me up. With Landy, Pat and I had been chatting about events and my jam and eventually he asked me to be a part of Landy!

Who is Doug?
Doug Owens is the main man at PNL. It’s his gig and he is a super rad guy and extremely supportive.

And Pat?
Mr. Pat Schep. He’s the one doing things for the Landy crew that now resides out in Compton. Super rad a chill fellow and one of the gnarliest shredders around.

Katie Nielson photo
Katie Nielson photo

Are you super famous now?
Haha nah. That doesn’t matter. I’m just skating and having fun.

What is a PNL truck?
Pretty Noise Lab. They are super nice and fancy precision trucks that make you feel like you’re flying.

How do they work for what you like to do?
They work for everything! I keep ’em nice and loose and flow around and can easily whip out slides, and then I just tighten them a bit when I’m going fast. They handle so well and keep me safe and stable even if they’re too loose. Loose trucks save lives!

Which LY boards are you riding?
For going fast and doing serious business, I use the Top Speed 34. For playing around and having fun, and for some racing shenanigans, I also use the Ripple Ridge! Such an amazing lil shredder.

When are you getting a wheel sponsor?
Haha I’m not fishing for anything except support for the upcoming race season. I want to participate in all that I can!

Did you do any races last year?
I raced in a last minute ladies division at Bonelli and got 2nd. I also raced open at Mountain of Angels outlaw and Santa Gnarbara outlaw.

What’s the Bonelli course like?
It’s a long straight with a 90 degree right turn and then another straight. Mellow course, it was about them packs and lines into the right!

How tight was the racing?
It was amazing! Caitlin Yong and I had not planned on racing so we got in there super last minute, while Rachel Rayne had been poaching runs all weekend. We got 2 practice runs in and then the heats started for us. We had tight heats. The three of us were all pretty close in all the heats. It was fantastic to be shredding that close to ladies! I loved it!

LadiesheatBonelli(whiteleathers)by Jonas Jungblut
LadiesheatBonelli(whiteleathers)by Jonas Jungblut

Do you prefer outlaw or sanctioned?
The environment is much more chill at outlaws than at santioned races but unfortunately ladies rarely show up to the outlaws. I normally have to race open, which is chill, I’d do it either way. It’s just a completely different vibe to race ladies.

How did you do in the other 2 races?
Not too well haha. I got smoked at Mountain of Angels because I didn’t really know how to drift and it was just hectic. At Santa Gnarbara I got smoked in the push, but I worked my way up as much as I could and I passed the guy in front of me at the finish line. That was such a rad feeling.

What’s the vibe like racing women?
It’s chill. We’re all just friends racing skateboards. We were chit chatting at the top of the hill and making jokes in the Uhaul. When the visors dropped, it got serious – but not too much. I felt the competitive edge and the need to go fast but not so much the over competitive, intense vibes that I get from guys.

Are there many ladies racing?
There are more and more every year! As I’m getting more into the scene I get to scope out ladies all around the world that are going fast! It’s so rad to see and I hope to be able to race with them all someday!

Don Sheffler photo
Don Sheffler photo

Do you have plans to increase female participation?
I’m going to try to become more involved with the Longboard Girls Crew as much as I can. I would love to spread ladies skating out there to encourage and inspire any girl to go out and ride! I love to get that lady stoke pumping! I help as much as I can with new ladies and getting them into going fast. Once they learn that it’s more fun than scary, they normally get hooked! I love that!

Can you paint my face/skateboard?
Of course! I’ll turn you into a kitty cat! hehe.

What gave you the biggest smiles last year?
Travelling a bunch and skating along the way. Sleeping in a rad van to skate full days on random roads in the middle of nowhere. Dialing down my setup and taking on Maryhill full force. Getting the opportunity to race at Bonelli, and doing well and being sneaky. Getting my first set of PNLs and asked to be a part of Landyachtz. Finally being able to hit Mully in Malibu. Learning toeside predrifts. Having a cheering section at an event. Shoving 10+ people into a 5 seater car. Pack runs on fast roads. Amazing jam sessions and hangouts with rad homies. Having full days of skate followed by more days of skate and stoke.

Caitlin Yong photo
Caitlin Yong photo

What are your plans for this year?
Oh I don’t really have plans but aspirations. I hope to race a ton! I will be attending the Catalina Island Classic and from there I hope to hop up to Canada with Landy. While in Canada, I want to skate as much as possible and go to all the races that I can! I then have to come back to SoCal for my brother’s wedding and then I hope to travel and race more! I really want to go to so many places within the US to race. Hopefully I can travel outside North America to some more exotic places and just skate and have a good time as well! I also hope to get my art more out there.
When I’m not skating I’m either drawing or painting. It’d be great for my artwork to get more out there. Looking at prints and shirts. We shall see! I really hope to try a bunch of new things! It’s so great to experiment and I just want to keep having as many adventures and shenanigans as possible!

Thank you for your time bagels, it’s been fun catching up with you. Good luck in your adventures!
Thanks a ton, G! It’s always fun chatting with you.

Any last words?
Don’t ever be too serious, just have fun!

Matthew Peckson photo
Matthew Peckson photo