Rob and Maga McWhinnie: Stoked Lovers

Talking to Rob is fun as frocks, talking to Maga is as funny as frock – talking to them together is like lighting a fire with a bacon shaped lightening bolt. Love in the air.adventure in the mountainsHello guys, how are you?
Maga: I’m very good! Woke up early and had a super strong but nice coffee.

Busy week?
Maga: Kind of… We are on holidays but we still had to some photos and family visits.

Maga: Skated every day!

Where are you guys spending your holidays?
Maga: In my homeland, the amazing and gnarly Peru! At the moment we are in Lima.

Rob: We did a bit of travelling around, took our good mates Robbo and Lea from Australia with us, went from the south coast to the high Andes, back to the far north coast. its been an amazing adventure. spent a week at over 3000m chilling with Maga’s grand parents.

Maga: It was amazing.
race presentaions.jpg
When last were you guys in Peru?
Maga: End of 2011 -2012

Have you done any skating on this trip?
Rob: Been skating the local traps recently, getting photos for a heelside article coming out. Was stoked to do a 15+km run down to Pisqac near mactchu pitchu in the mountains, the road was clean, fast and hella turny. Really got me charged up again for some big mountains. We also hit one of favourite hills in the world El Alto. Its near the Ecuador boarder and is completely radical, fast and drifty. 30+ corners and a 90km/h straightaway.

How different are you guys from the last time you were here?
Maga: Last time I was here I was just learning heaps and preparing myself for my first Big Race Tarma World Cup… It was my first year skating, my first 6 months.

Will you be there for long?
Rob: A month left, Maga’s birthday is coming up then we head home, pack our bags again and fly to the Philippines!

Maga: Yewwwww!

Are you enjoying skating more on this trip?
Maga: Yeah, for sure, it feels good to be back in all these spots. Lima is great for freeriding because it’s super dusty and the Andes have heaps of massive DH runs to explore, massive sick crew. What else can you ask for.

Rob: Getting back in the groove, like Maga said: it’s hella dusty, that’s challenge at any speed and you need to be ready at all times, on the up side your wheels last forever.

Where were you before you came to Peru?
Maga: Working hard in Sydney.

When did you guys first meet?
Rob: About 6 years ago, we were next door neighbours in downtown Sydney city. Maga would be studying in the front room of her place and ever day I’d roll home from work and try to impress her with a mad standie to a stop out the front.

Maga: Haha YES and he would bring us heaps of wine and food to the door.

Who said ‘’Hi’’ first?
Rob: Maga had the hots for ages.

Maga: Haha no, you did! My flatmates and I always thought he was cute… But I never had a chance to meet him. He was the one who made the first move. Coming in for coffee and dropping wines after work haha.
gioasteka 2013

Was it the chef or the skater who got you?
Maga: I fell for the whole package!

When did you first get to skate together?
Maga: That is a funny and sad story. We went together for a drink in our local bar and had a lot of tequila shots… on our way back he asked me to try his board. You can continue Rob…

(rob: That’s how we spent our afternoons).

Rob: She tried for meters on herself then I grabbed her hands to stabilise her. Unfortunately it unstabilised her hand she fell off, kicking my custom (Maga: his precious board) built city setup out into 8 lanes of traffic, we watched in horror as it went under cars and buses and almost made it to the other side untouched, I stumbled out to get it and the last car in the pack decided to line it up and ran straight over it. Was a bit devo and drunk but had to put on a straight face for my new girl. (Maga: awwww). Later that night I lost my shit.

Maga: Yeah I didnt have a clue how devo he was. I was really sorry but he was all cool about it at that moment.

Was that your first date?
Maga: No, hmmm our first date was weeks before for breaky after the first night we kissed I think.

almabtrieb by da na
almabtrieb by da na

How did you mourn the passing of the board?
Rob: Drunken rampage.

What have you learnt about tequila and skating?
Rob: skate first then drink.

Maga: haha tequila is good, skating is good… but loads of tequila and skating can break your boyfriend’s heart (skateboard).

When did you become boyfriend and girlfriend?
Maga: Not sure when it happened. Since the first day we got together we didn’t stop seeing each other everyday. Till now, we always count from the first time we got together which was April 2008.

Did you try skating again?
Rob: Not for a year or two, she needed a new board first, something for her experience level.

Maga: Hmm maybe not. The truth was that while Rob was working, I used to grab his board and roll down the street with my flatmate!

What was it like when you guys were dating but only 1 skated?
Rob: Pretty shithouse, I’d have 2 days off work a week and spend from sunrise to midnight of one of those days out with the boys.

Maga: I would tried to follow with my bike.

pooltool by rob mc
pooltool by rob mc

How hard was it to keep it going?
Rob: Haha, she used to bring out the rattiest old bmx, was so funny. I’d be in leathers with Jacko and Cam mobbing down kiera and we would see her wobbling down as fast as she dared, so cute.

Maga: Haha it was heaps of fun! But then my bmx got stolen!

What made you guys try skating again?
Maga: Rob never stopped skating until he broke his leg twice. The second time was in Byron Bay. I met an amazing group of girls and we all grabbed our boards and tried to start rolling down our local hill. Since then we never stopped.
2011-8 (4).jpg

Is it hard to watch the person you love fall hard?
Maga: When I saw rob hitting that guardrail, I didn’t know how bad it was or which part of his body crashed into it, I was freaking out but at the same time I wanted to calm him down and be strong. But it was one of the worst feelings ever! I think I erased it from my mind. When it’s a bad crash I think I’m always trying to be strong for him.

Rob: There’s something about it that I hate and then sometimes, when it’s just a scratch, I like the idea of her handling it and becoming stronger and more resistant.

Did you skate together in Maga’s early days?
Rob: A good solid year together, everyday training. Learning from scratch. It was hard but rewarding.

Maga: Rob would have his leg with a cast and he will still roll behind us on one leg or buttboarding/

When you’re training together, are you still boyfriend and girlfriend or teacher and student?
Maga: More like cranky teacher and confused student haha. I learn heaps off Rob and he will always inspire me to accomplish and to learn more. I’m very proud of him as a skater and as my mentor.

Rob: Thanks babe, you’re a good student, sometimes…

Do you skate better when your spouse is cheering you on the side?
Rob: hell yeah!

When did you guys get comforable skating together?
Rob: I’d say on Euro tour just gone, 2013. We could mob hills and drift corners, bump and have fun! I didn’t have to think “oh shit, will she make it”, I’d just enjoy the run with her right there next to me.

Maga: I always love following him from behind watching his lines and moves. I agree, this Euro tour was heaps fun riding together from start to bottom. All the European roads made me confident enough to try to mob as fast as him.

When did you guys get married?
Rob: 4 years ago, round a bouts.
Maga: In Australia ,2009. In Peru 2010.

Did that change your relationship?
Rob: For the better! Knowing you’re locked in for life is relaxing and comforting. I enjoy knowing my wife will be by my side and feel happy she knows that too.

Maga: I always wanted a wedding on every place we moved to.

“Knowing you’re locked in for life is relaxing and comforting. I enjoy knowing my wife will be by my side and feel happy she knows that too.”

When you guys and the Colemans hang out, do you try to get Alix to skate?
Rob: Alix skates, not DH but def to the shops once in a while.

Maga: Hell yeah, Alix and I used mob Bondi beach road… A bit tipsy but full in control behind the boys. Oh I missed those old days!

Have you skated with any other couples?
Maga: Yes: the Colemans, Pat and Tamara, Sonso and Sammy, Bekks and TB, Ash and Justin, Anni and Rolan… and I’m sure a few more.

What did you guys get up to in 2011?
Rob: I was injured, that’s when maga began skating DH.

Maga: We moved to Byron Bay without planning it… and our life changed!

natalia nuñes photo
natalia nuñes photo

What took you to Byron Bay?
Maga: We went there for NYE in 2011, to visit our good mate ManChild and we stayed since then for 7 months. We fell in love with the people we met and the place (after summer).

Were you riding the same setups?
Maga: I used to ride whatever Rob wasn´t using at that time… But one day Robbo surprised me with my own flying pan and since then I’ve  been in a Fibretec Romance.

Must be fun to be on the same teams!
Rob: And great to be on competing teams too.

Maga: Hawgs are heaps better!

Have you been on any skate trips together?
Maga : Since we started in Peru-2011, that’s all we’ve been doing.

Lisa Oxley photo
Lisa Oxley photo

Do you shoot each other?
Rob: Maga struggles a bit with the camera but has done some good stuff in the past.

Maga: HA HA but now I edit heaps better than you! Haha Rob is a great filmer and editor. He taught me how to film and me how to edit… then he became a PRO.

Are you a tag team of video production?
Rob: Nah. Maga will edit her girl vids that she’s keen on and I procrastinate doing all the others.

Maga: Rob is my secretary and I’m the intellectual-director haha

What did you get up to in 2012?
Rob: I think it was Maga’s first Newtons Nation?

Maga: No my first NN was in 2011. 2012 we started in NN again and had the best skate trip in Europe.

Where did you go in Europe?
Maga: We went to Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, France through Austria.

Was that your first time visiting our Continent?
Maga: Our third time (second one skating).

Did you do many races?
Rob: As many as we could afford and manage. It was intense, lots of presure too. I had a better time last year with all the freerides and mountain sessions.

Maga: Love all the freeriding we did outside events too.

photo by duiglio musso
photo by duiglio musso

What has been your most fun year of skating?
Rob: 2013 for sure, we had boaderX, world cups, dozen outlaws and hardly any injuries. 2014 is shaping up to top it.

Where is your favourite place to travel to?
Rob: Has to be Switzerland; clean water, great hills, nice people, respectful police, home of fibretec. Damn it, I cant wait to go back again.

Maga: I agree.

What gave you the biggest smiles last year?
Maga: The roads we had the pleasure to skate.

How has this year gone for you?
Rob: It’s getting better and better, lots of travelling already done and our bank accounts are still full. It’s training time now and we both need to pick our game up to be competitive at the world cup level again. We will need to be focused for a few months before we can relax and have some more fun knowing that we won’t kook it.

Maga: I’m stoked to be with  my family, catch up with my mates and show my best aussie mates the best of my country.

by Mikel Echegaray Diez sandie 90k
by Mikel Echegaray Diez sandie 90k

In what ways can you improve?
Rob: We can always go faster, na stability and endurance I’m talking about.

Maga: Skate every day again and get that muscle strength back how they were.

What did you do on Gnarlentines day?
Rob: Just beaching it near Ecuador, went swimming with turtles and was drinking piss all day.

Maga: In one of the best spots ever: Punta Sal.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Maga: After Peru we are off to the Phillipines, Europe, North America and South America.

Are you looking forward to the VLT?
Maga: Hell yeah! We’re waiting and counting the days to meet this beautiful and exotic country and meet that amazing crew.The Basement Skate Team is going to have a blast!

Rob: Hell yeah, wanted to skate Asia for years now, the scene looks rad and they have so many crazy rad skater.

Dimiri Goulard — in Switzerland gioasteka
Dimiri Goulard — in Switzerland gioasteka

What North American races are you doing?
Maga: I might skip it to tour more in Europe but robdog is going to…

Rob: I’m doing Angies and Pikes!!! Muhahhaa not stoked on going to Merika but frothing hard to race those hills.

When will you, Ishtar and Marisa reunite?
Maga: The team Mamma Cunt will reunite soon hopefully I miss those girls!

What’s the best thing about being with a skater?
Rob: Using her wheels when I run out.

Maga: Because you know you love my wheels… I think the best thing is that you fully understand and live the same dreams. Not saying that being with a non skater sucks but I love when we both travel and we both get stoked on a new hill we found or that we want to skate.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to date (or marry) a skater?
Rob: It makes living the dream a whole lot easier, travel, stoke, succeed, love, live all with your partner. I couldn’t imagine the pressures of travelling for months at a time without my missus. We support each other and push each other like best friends do.

Maga: Haha I think the advice should be: marry the person you love and if it’s a skater, you will skate heaps more… And if it’s not, I am sure they will love you the way you are and support your dreams and passion.

cat sweeny photo
cat sweeny photo

Maga! Rob! I’m so happy to have finally done this, it is always a pleasure to chat with you. Looking forward to hanging out this year!
Maga: Rob GET OUT OF BED lazy bum. Thanks for your interest and time Gbemi, it’s always heaps of fun chatting to you, next time we will cook some duck together.

Rob: I got up for lunch, now I’m back again, ah holidays.