Ching Ling; Money ain’t a Thing.

We love talking nonsense with Ching. She also talks a bit about the Asian Downhill Circuit, Pizza flavoured bushings and her new life in Vancouver.

The stoke be over them hills
The stoke be over them hills

Hey Ching-ling, how are you?
I’m doing great, a little tired from all the work though. What happened to Cookie?

You want a cookie?
It’s okay, I’ve got my subway cookie right here.

What are you working on?
Top secret skate stuff I can’t tell you here. Not yet at least

Like a new pizza topping in subway?
Pizza flavoured bushings.

What’s your plan for today?
Well, I gotta take my dog out for a shit in a bit, then I got some work to do for RipTide, some rehab exercises for my knee and then housewifely duties. Perfect day for skating but unfortunately the knee is 100% yet which blows!

Pablo Honey photo
Pablo Honey photo

When did you join RipTide?
I’ve been riding for them for a couple of years now and when I moved to Vancouver I hit them up for some work last August and they said yes!

You kept that quiet in your last interview!
Haha the last interview was when I was still in Malaysia!

What did you do in the past?
Tax accountant for 2 years and business journalist for another 2 years.

How did you hurt your knee?
Urgh, believe it or not… shopping. And they say skateboarding is dangerous.

Why are you pretending to be a girly woman!
I know! That’s what you get for trying to be someone you’re not. Also, my mum made me feel bad that I spent so much time skating so I figured quality mom-daughter shopping bonding time would be good.

You have a daughter?
I’m my mom’s daughter.

Me too…

Last time we spoke, you were planning a summer move to Vancouver – how did that go?
Pretty good. I settled in pretty fast. Vancouver has great hills to skate but I surprisingly found myself skating a lot less than I did in Asia.

How did it compare to Malaysia & Melbourne?
I think the longboarding community in Malaysia and Melbourne are generally a lot more friendly and inviting. No matter where I went, you could always find some cool people to skate with.

What did you expect to find in Van?
Great hills – check.

Why don’t you skate as much?
I think part of it is because I’ve been focusing more on work but also cause I didn’t really find a good crew to skate with here yet. Everyone here seems to be all about who you’re affiliated with and how far your standies go.

I usually skate with the UBC Longboard Club guys and #TeamAsia – Tuan and Lisa. No egos, no bullshit just skating and having fun.

Cal Streets photo
Cal Streets photo

What is it about college clubs that you like so much?
UBCLC is really the first “longboard college club” I’ve seen. They’re just more chilled. Everyone with different steeze levels can skate together and have fun.

Are there many Asian skaters out there?
Haha yeah shitloads!

Tuan photo
Tuan photo

How was the summer?
Well, when I moved, summer  was pretty much ending and I kinda missed most on the big events, but this year is gonna be good!

How far do your standies go?
Haha not very far, I suck at them .

So, what do you do at RipTide?
I started out helping out with the team. But I’ve shifted focus to handling the RipTide Canada division now.

You guys have a huge team, how do you manage so many people on 4 continents?
Haha, we’ve actually been doing some team housekeeping, so it’s been easier to manage. It’s always about communication, gotta work both ways you know.

What’s the long term plan with the team?
We essentially want a good group of riders who genuinely love our products, what we stand for and sincerely want us to help us promote the RipTide name around the world.

Mark Biana photo
Mark Biana photo

I saw you guys had some interesting bushings, have you tried them all out?
I’ve tried pretty much every shape all except the Cubes. Those look pretty interesting and from what I’ve heard everyone who tries them out loves them. Street Series bushings are also pretty fucking awesome!!

What’s new for RipTide this year?
Haha maybe you should ask Brad about that. We are definitely looking at expanding our reach globally and at the same time we’re always trying to improve our product line. I think most people have seen some of the RipTide grip floating around.

RipTape? No that sounds horrible haha. GripTide is much better

Thanks. You can have that for free!
You’re gonna put me out of a job.

How was Christmas in Canada?
Well I sorta had an early Christmas celebration when I flew back to Asia. But my Canadian Christmas was pretty low key cause I was still kind of badly injured. Cooked my first Turkey though!

You hurt your knee again?
Yes :- (

What do you guys do for Christmas in Asia?
Skating, sleeping in hammocks by the beach, BBQ-ing fresh fish and just getting drunk.

Is this your first married Christmas?
I guess it is!

Do you and Gilbert get to skate together?
Yeah! If I wasn’t skating he probably wouldn’t be skating all that much.

How integral was skating to your getting together?
We were already together for a couple of years when we picked up skating.

Is there anything from the Malaysian community you wish you could bring out there?
The friendliness, the sun and the food!

And vice versa?
I’d love to see more longboard shops and the skate events we have in Vancouver. Whether it’s full blown downhill races or just outlaws/slide jams. There definitely needs to be more events and shops in Malaysia.

How are things back in Asia?
Great! Got some big things coming up in Asia this year so you guys better watch out.

What’s new in Asia this season?
Three words. Asian Downhill Circuit!

What is an Asian Downhill Circuit?
It’s essentially an entity to unite all the scenes across Asia. Our goal is to use the ADC to help promote our scene on an international level and to encourage more skaters and events around Asia.

Wasn’t there unity before this?
Yeah for sure! 2013 was a big year in South East Asia, there were more and more skaters from each country travelling to each others races, making new friends and families. So we figured hey let’s try and spread this across the whole of Asia and let the global longboarding scene notice how kick ass the Asian scene is. It’s something special that you won’t find anywhere else.

Does Asia need this?
I think in order for the Asian scene to get to the next level of growth, it needs to get more organised. Hopefully the ADC will motivate some of the key guys in Asia to step up.

How will you improve the life of the average skater?
Eerrrr….I will give them cookies?

Who else is involved?
There are a few guys. Shandy from Indonesia (LongboardINA), Yudo from Watermelon Boardshop (Indonesia), Dan Joseph from Poste98 (Philippines), Jay Mitra from Epic Sessions (Philippines), Epos from grupo nopo (Philippines), Lada from Taiwan, Adam Akmal & Farhan Hanif (Malaysia) and Anna from Vietnam.

Isn’t Anna too short to be one of you?
We are all pretty short so she fits in.

What’s your role in the gang?
Initially, I was supposed to just be tagging along for the ride, but I pretty much have my hands in everything now. Sometimes it gets tough juggling everything but the payoff is worth it!

What’s the dream?
I want to see more races and events in Asia and I definitely would like to see a more international turnout at every big event. I want people around the world to be talking about Asia, it’s riders, events and awesome hills!

What’s the ADC giving us this year?
I will be honest and say that we are taking things slow this year. I still believe the scene has a long way to go and we will take things at the right pace. Also, I’m juggling a lot so I can’t give a 100% into the ADC just yet.

We already put up the first schedule of events for the year and my focus will just be pooling these events together and making sure they get the right coverage.

VLT is THE race this year and it’s going to be the first Asian IDF race. So we’re stoked!

Hopefully by the end of the year I will have more help and we can take things to the next level.

What is the VLT?
It’s essentially a 3 week longboard festival in Cebu, Philippines. Bombing, beaches and bitches. Everyone should attend the VLT at least once in their lives

What are you looking forward to most in the 3 weeks?
I’ve started skating again so my stoke level is through the roof! Definitely look forward to getting in more skating.

Who are the guys doing media coverage in Asia?
There is Poste98 and My Life on Board both based in the Philippines.

What have you been up to recently?
Skating and working like a baus. We recently took a spontaneous trip to Maryhill last weekend and it was rad! Our trip down took forever cause Tuan kept stopping at McDs for wifi, we had a lame campfire and had to hike up the hill. Tuan and Lisa ate shit on their second run. And we watched Harry Potter in the car all the way back to Vancouver.

Who’s in your gang?
I don’t have a gang. I was brought up in a proper home.

First time on Mary?
Hells yeah and it was sick!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Well I’m planning to attend a few races – Danger Bay, Jakes Rash, Whistler, Maryhill depending on what I can afford. I’m not much into racing but I just wanna ride the roads! Then in July I’ll be headed back to Malaysia for a couple of weeks to visit the old crew again.

Any new things in Malaysia?.
There are definitely more and more riders popping up so that’s keeping the scene stoked! But it’s kinda disappointing that nobody is stepping up to put on more events especially after RADJam last year.
I know you guys are reading this so get your asses off and get some work done!

Hugs for the missing plane.
Haha. Yeah it sucks but it just shows how incompetent the government is.

Ching-Ling. We did it! Again. Thanks for all the fun times.
Always fun talking nonsense with you.

Any last words?
I knee-ed myself in the face skating last night and I feel like I just got sucker punched.

Who should we interview next?
Tuan Dinh, he’ll be a riot. Andry Satria and Aryo Nugroho from Indonesia!