Landyachtz Canyon Arrow Review

For the past couple weeks I’ve been ripping on the Landyatch Canyon Arrow, so here’s my little review on this piece of wood. Everywhere I’ve gone with the Canyon Arrow it delivers; whether it’s a trail or a steep Freeride or DH run.IMG_6495 With wheelbase options from 24.75’’ to 28.5’’, I choose the smallest to get a nice and responsive feel down some of those narrow tails and tight turns. The Canyon Arrow is 37’’ long, and is (9.5’’) wide at the front then tapers in towards the back; which worked great for my size 9 shoe, but it did take time to get used to the taper in the back while doing some slides.

Right off the bat, I noticed the Medium W concave on this simple yet effective top-mount, and was surprised when I didn’t get a slipping sensation when going sideways without a foot-stop. While I was skating, I did curb her a couple times, and was impressed at how well the 9 ply maple stood up with no major chipping. Although the 9 ply maple does make the board a bit heavy when going back up the hill, it’s defiantly worth it in the long run.

While freeriding, I was on PNL Strummers with 47 degree base-plates, Sector9 78a Race forms, and some janky garage modified Volante 82a Serratas. I didn’t have any problems with wheel bite on the smallest wheelbase and had a blast doing some fast slides with ease.
When I proceeded down some DH runs, I threw on my Venom 76mm 78a Cannibals to really test the Canyon Arrow while going faster, and it felt really comfortable at the higher speeds and I still didn’t have any problems with wheel bite. Thanks to the CNC wheel wells I was able to leave my trucks as loose as I liked and ride everything I wanted to.

Overall, I enjoyed this board. It can be pretty versatile when you’re on the smallest wheel base, which gives you a little flat tail to pop over cracks with. The Canyon Arrow also allows the option of a bigger wheel base that would offer more stability. This simple top mount is more than it seems and would be good for just about anyone and any kind of riding.

Knute Neby.

Shout out to the homie Kyle Ramsey.