Boss Hawgs Review

NoCoast grom: Carson Viviani pops a fresh set of the new Boss Hawgs and has a nice, fast session to get a feel for them. This is how it went. IMG_7393

Speed: Owing to the large core, the wheels are very fast.

Agility: It might say 78a on the pack, but it feels a lot harder, like an 82a wheel.

Release: Smooth and predictable. No need to break these wheels in as they slide well right out of the package.

Slide: Smooth and consistent. It’s really easy to kick into slides. If you like sliding for days you want this wheel.


Hookup: The hook up is pretty good, it’s decent for DH. Also retains it’s speed after slides.

Wear: The wear on this wheel is pretty great for a 78a wheel, I was surprised on how well these held up after a long, hard session.

Life: The wheel will last a very long time, I have ridden the Boss Hawgs for a good 3 hour session, and they held up really well. This wheel is great for freeriding and a little bit of DH, but for a 78a wheel they do not leave much thane right away. Only after wearing them down after a couple of sessions will they start dumping thane.

IMG_7360A great wheel to learn new stuff and getting comfortable sliding at higher speeds.

HUGE THANKS to Landyachtz and NoCoast Skate for supporting local riders and giving us the opportunity to give our feedback on some great products. Make sure to check out the other reviews and come back for more in the near future.

– Carson Viviani

Photos by Kyle Ramsey