Dan Favela: Agent of Stoke

Mr Favela tells us about the important things in life and Respecting Da People. He’s broken more bones than Jackie Chan and he really just loves skating for skating. Support your local shop!


Andy Russel pic

Andy Russel pic

Hola Dan, que tal?
I’m good, I think! Haha.

How is your week so far
Really busy!

Where are you from?
I’m from Durango, middle of a huge desert in North Mexico.

What was it like growing up in Durango?
Boring haha. I spent my first 10 years life there and then moved to Mexico city.

When did you start skating?
When I was 10 years old, my mom give me my first skateboard, a really old board. I remember it was a second hand board, a Steve Caballero board.

yo soy quien yomero

yo soy quien yomero

When did you move to Mexico city?
17 year ago summer of  1997.

Have you had any breaks since those early days?
Haha yes! All the time. I’ve broken more than 50% of my body including my front teeth.

Haha why do you enjoy getting hurt?
Well I enjoyed it when I was young, now I hate it. I remember saying ”dude I hit my front teeth” so sick, but I kept still skating like a warrior, but now it’s holy F@#$%…

Do you have gold teeth now?
Not now I hope soon, I had a surgery and put my teeth back but now look as if I were a pirate. I lost my teeth when I was 11 years old haha.

What have you broken so far?
Ankle, knee, both hands, wrists, all fingers, toes, ligaments, tendons, coccyx, etc… I have a problem of hyperflexibility, so I usually hurt often that’s why I stopped dancing.

All from DH skateboarding?
Not all. Some from playing drums and many stupid shit that young, stupid teenagers do.

Will Edgecombe

Will Edgecombe

Why do you keep coming back to her when she hurts you so much?
Because it’s my paradise. No rules, you can feel free and put all your energy and it’s only you vs yourself. I put my fears in the high top and push myself to do it before I imagine what could happen if I fall.
My inspiration is Mike V. After seeing a TV show interview of his, I said ‘fuck this shit, I want to skate, I want to be like Mike V. Skating hard with my own rules.’

What’s the longest time you’ve been injured?
8 months: 6 months for Rehabilitation and two for fear. I broke my ankle and was beginning to play drums with my first band and was afraid of not being able to skate and play my drums anymore.

Was it hard to come back?
Overcoming fear and trusting myself is hard. I’m not the happy guy that everyone sees.

How did you convince yourself to skate again?
I was smoking some weed on the street with a friend and a boy skated near us. I asked him if I could do a few tricks and boom! I made a simple ollie and kick flip and my friend said ‘wow man you still have it’. The next day I bought a new skateboard and started to skate again haha.

When did you start longboarding?
Almost 4 years ago.

How did you get into it?
Long story haha. After university I decided to travel with some friends to Montreal. I sold my stuff bought a plane ticket. I met a homeless man on the streets of Montreal, he had a longboad and I asked him about his board. When I got back to Mexico and started to do it (of course without gloves and helmet) making some “Colemans” like old school skate in the 70’s!
I’m involved in longboard now more than I like haha. I remember when we were 5 or 6 guys in the city with longboards.

Wow, have you found this homeless man since?
No, but I hope back to Montreal one day and I know where can I find him, if they give me a Visa again ha! I’ll give him a new skateboard.

Who were you skating with in the beginning?
Front of my apartment because it was new for me to have no tail and no nose on the board and really soft wheels. I met the love of my life and she said she had a friend who could take you to a nice spot. Now he is a good friend and working in the shoe company that is currently my sponsor.
timthumb (7)

Do you still skate with the same guys?
Yes for sure. We are the old guys and we hate the new school, so I just skate with my old friends. They don’t have sponsors don’t care about it, they keep skating for fun and I like it because we can skate together. We never compete to see who is better, we just have fun.

When did you first attend an event?
Wow a slide jam in mexico city around 2010.

What is the new school?
The guys that are thinking the good shit is seeing who is the best of the best and how they can have a sponsor and be famous or if your setup is the best in the world. They are not friendly all the time. They go to spots and leave trash and don’t respect the only rule: respect everyone around you!

No matter what you do in life, the important thing is to do it because you love it.

What is really important?
No matter what you do in life, the important thing is to do it because you love it.

What other events did you go to that year?
In 2010, some slide jams in Guadalajara and mexico city!

WIlliam Edgecombe

WIlliam Edgecombe

How did those events impact you?
Uff, a lot. They are a simple events but they were the first events in Mexico and everyone was still learning to do new tricks and it was so fun.

What’s your favourite thing to do on your board?
Not eat shit hahahahahahaha! Well I love doing some new tricks and feel I have the control of ride

Do you invent any tricks?
My firend Punk Rocker said I invented a trick las 3 years ago but we never put it in action, just make it a few times and we wanted to go fast, so we left the tricks for now. Maybe I need to put it in a video soon!

Who is this Punk Rocker?
Oh man, he is the shit of the shit hahahaha! A crazy guy from here, a good skater guy and Crazy really crazy!!!

How crazy?
Wow like Real Crazy person he doesn’t know where the line between fiction and reality is. That’s why he is so good skater.

He has a pet dragon and drinks unicorn milk?
He has a stupid English bulldog. Sorry I hate these dogs hahaha and he drinks Coca-C@¢# all the time and eat shit like Mc D@#¢@
He never drinks alcohol or any drugs he just is a Crazy natural crazy guy.
timthumb (1)

Did you have any fun in 2011?
Wow man yes this was my year! I travelled to Canada, stayed in Vancouver for a month for my first time in a international race haha. I felt stoked and nervous because I was the first stupid Mexican to come up to North America for racing. Wow I remember meeting so many amazing people who taught me how to skate on a longboard. We went to Vernon race and I saw the spot and said fuck that shit, I don’t want to skate it , it’s too step for me. Finally I went to the top of the hill and the big Mister Canada Patrick pushed me to go down and fast. Fuck! It was a scary time, but I made it, then we went back to Vancouver and moved for a week to nanaimo island where I worked in Switchback longboard before come down to Maryhill FOS! Thanks Kelsey and all the guys in SBL for giving me a job and a nice trip in nanaimo.

How did you get the opportunity to visit Canada?
Well a story I can’t tell you hahaha but this trip changed my life.

What gave you the biggest smiles while you were there?
When I met Mike Benda and Mike Fitter and skated with these guys and of course  meet my big homie Beau Ho.
YouTube Preview Image

Who is Beau?
My homie from Vancouver, BC he is the filmer in the videos of Mike Benda and Mike Fitter. A Hard Core Guy and is my big brother. These 3 guys are my big brothers.

How was life different after your big trip?
I became more involved in Longboarding. I had changes in my mind like ‘everyone is a friend and it doesn’t matter what brand you skate for’. I realised I needed to skating harder if I want to continue big travels and make a tour.

Did you have fun in 2012?
Yes in my way of skating and traveling and meeting more amazing people and eating shit every single day on my skateboard.

What setup were you riding then?
Baby killer from rayne, I think paris trucks and otang wheels.

Are any of those your sponsors?
Otang and flow team at Rayne longboards. I ride for Nike MX and a small shop in Mexico.

luisa de la rosa photo

luisa de la rosa photo

Is sponsorship important?
Depends if your sponsor suports your scene in your country, if not leave that shit.

What did you get up to last year?
Last year was good and bad. I started to skate for some of the brands I like a lot. I met amazing skaters like Louis, Jacko, Adam, Pat, mid van guys, ETC… and the skate house media guys.
Skated at laguna, meet one of the big friends Rory Russell and his roomates and I skated in Malibu, ate shit at Angies curves!
Then my year started like shit, eat shit at maryhill and the rest of the races after Maryhill and then I made an amazing tour with Rayne guys ‘All The Pinche Way tour’

What was the highlight of the tour?
Well I think the tour was amazing. It was my first tour and the frist tour around Mexico from a Big Brand from other country. MTY was amazing but we’ll back to Guadalajara for a halloween slide jam and is the best shit. A lot of fun, so many people  and then the tour ended. After the tour I decided to be a PMA guy haha and I hope to see all the guys on the tour again.

Can you party as hard as Levi?
Mmm if I drink mezcal maybe I make some Respect Da People Party!!! But Levi is a champion of the party!!!

jo gtz photo

jo gtz photo

How has the community in Mexico changed over the last 4 years?
A lot of growth, more events, more brands. Now you can buy your boards here and no need to order from shops in USA. More shit but the shit is everywhere; at work, in music, etc… it’s normal. More good skaters coming.

Why is it important to support local shops?
Support the local shop not only the ones who give you a cheap board. This is not a good way because they kill the other stores and jobs for the people working at shops. I’m not skating for any local shop, I leave it because people think you are the owner of the shop and say ‘oh I hate you because you skate for the big store.’ But we just are skating for the store, not making any fucking money for it! Just supporting the “scene”. Buy your stuff in your local shop, that gives a job for some skaters and is good!

What future would you like for your country?
Well now my country is a shit in all aspects but I just want the people have food and a house and education. That makes a better country of course.

How about for the skaters?
Well I hope they skate more than ask ‘how can I get a sponsor?’
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How has this year gone for you?
Started like shit haha. I broke my ligaments and my tendons in my ankle, so I’m still in rehabilitation for the last 4 months. Now I have new goals and training everyday!!! And I’m poor after my stupid insurance refused to pay the hospital bill. So maybe this year I’ll just travel around Mexico.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Back to my old house because I’m broke and can’t still pay the rent of my apartment and save money for Angies Curves and get my honor because I ate shit really hard last year.

Aside from shit, do you enjoy eating bacon?
Hahaha yes I love bacon

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Working a lot, photography and playing drums.
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Pick 3 numbers from 1-20.
7, 14, 20

7 – why did the chicken cross the road?
Because he believed God save the egg hahahahahahaha

14 – What’s the hardest word to splel?

20 – Lyndsay McLaren asks – what is your dream skate destination
Wow I just want to live in California!!

Danny Dan Dan. It’s been fun talking to you. I wish you all the best. Don’t hurt yourself, and good luck getting back on track. Un abrazo!
Gbemi Gbe Gbe, haha sorry have a diselxia to write. Thanks for your time maybe I won’t hurt myself in my next adventure. All the good luck for you and your projects.

Any last words?
I want to say thanks to everyone who helps me. I don’t want to put names because I’m bad at remembering. Thanks to my sponsors R.A.D. Wheels, Rayne longboards,Rid Shoes, Gullwing trucks and Vicious griptape. Oh well to my Mom. Wow so many people I think hahaha and PMA. Respect Da People and Nobody Cares Go Harder.



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