Metro Wheels Micro Motion Review

The homie Brandon popped a set of Micro Motion wheels, this is a freshie to core review. Enjoy

These are decently speedy little wheels. That small 63mm diameter means they accelerate quickly and max out just as fast. That’s nice for building up speed between



That small size also translates into some much appreciated agility. Setup with my Jati Karate Chop and Buzzed V3’s, I was able to easily float ollies and whip slides around.

Bluntslides proved easier to whip out as well; there was no trouble popping the nose into the air.


These wheels have an indistinct release point which, after some getting used to, is pretty addicting. Simply turning too sharply could cause these wheels to slip out:

reminding me faintly of hard wheels. You can definitely get the wheels to stick standing right on top of them, but then you aren’t having any fun.


These little guys have a fairly icy slide to them. Again, somewhat reminiscent of hardwheels. It’s not full-on though. There’s still a “sugary” factor in the urethane that

helps keeps slides controllable and comfortable.IMG_3084 review


The hookup on these wheels is comfortable. It’s fluid, not at all abrupt. In fact, mastering the hookup is what really let’s you get the most out of them. It takes a few

attempts to learn how you should shift your weight correctly at the end of slides, but figuring it out is well worth it.


These wheels wore at a good rate given how small they are. I was certainly satisfied down to the last millimeter. The cores were pretty fun to slide, as well. No

issues with ovaling or flatspots whatsoever. That hardwheel-esque quality about these wheels came into play here as well.


They lasted about 3 days of intense event-fueled riding. That weekend included plenty of sessions and a couple of slide jams. Under normal circumstances I’d give them

perhaps a week or so. They may not last long, but the ride is worth it. I was very satisfied.


Brandon Waller