Otang Centreset Wheel review

Our buddy Kyle got to test out the centre set trio of – Orangatang Keanu, Orangatang Kilmer and Orangatang Cage. All of the Hollywood legends make an appearance in this review video. Tell your mom.

5Wheels tested:
The Keanu – 66m / 38mm contact / 86a
The Kilmer – 69mm / 39.5mm contact / 83a
The Cage – 73mm / 41.5mm contact / 80a

I had these set up on a Rayne Avenger / 2014 Lite REY trucks.

The Keanu (my 2nd favourite of the 3)
Small with a hard duro makes for a very easy kick out with very little effort. They are definitely meant for more mellow runs, the faster I took them, the harder it was to bring them back to center. Great for neighborhood runs anywhere you want longer slides. 86a is often described as being “icy” because there is very little push-back when sliding.

The Kilmer (my least favourite of the 3)
These might have been more fun in the 80a, I am just not a huge fan of the 83a duro. The slides seemed to be inconsistent and the feedback always seemed to be different every time. They aren’t as predictable therefore kind of a sketchy wheel to ride. The 69mm is a rad size, just go for a different hardness.

The 73mm is such a money size. The 80a Peachy thane made them even more fun… If you have lots of fast runs and want a huge wheel with a fast roll speed I would pick up a set of these.

The Cage (my favourite of the 3)
I have more of a slide only-when-you-need-to style, so I like a larger wheel for higher speed slides. The 73mm is such a money size. The 80a peachy thane only made them even more fun. 80a has always been my go to Orangatang duro. They are soft, but not too soft and extremely predictable. If you have lots of fast runs and want a huge wheel with a fast roll speed I would pick up a set of these.

All three wheels incorporate Orangatang’s new Peachy thane. The Peachy thane is described as slightly grippier than Euphorethane and slipperier than Happy Thane. Peachy is a balanced blend of both. These aren’t going to dump thane, but we all knew that about Orangatang.

All three wheels are centerset with gentle bevelled sidewalls, rounded edges and stone-ground contact. They also all have a large core that is high-stiffness and heat-resistant urethane. The new core is 38x38mm core with a deep valley-shaped cross section that keeps the lips firmly supported and help with a consistent wear pattern.

Make sure to pick up a set at your local skate shop.

Huge thanks to Single Malt for filming and producing the review and to Orangatang for the opportunity to try out their new lineup for 2014.

Photos by Single Malt