Texas 3 Step

Texas is hot and so is the burgeoning racing scene. Give those Texans any excuse to have a race, maybe even 3 and they’ll jump on it. There’s no better excuse than the upcoming long weekend.

This weekend Texas is the race place to be with one of the state’s oldest and most well attended races, The Patriot Race. This is the 7th year of The Patriot Race in Austin Texas which is hosted by the Austin Longboard Club with the master of ceremonies, Josh Davis. This race is yet another Texas Outlaw race which somehow keeps coming together without a hitch every year in spite of growing in size. The Patriot Race is known for its BroBomb which has one skater sitting on the front and one standing on the back of the board. There will also be a downhill race, an open race  and a switch race.1237006_10151826001964096_1965846750_n

Sunday’s main event will be preceded by an Outlaw Garage Race hosted by Team NoBull in Houston on Friday night. Team NoBull’s outlaw garage races have become a staple of the Houston scene and are known to be fast and nasty. Festivities Friday night start at Carve Skateshop in Houston at 9:30 pm.

On Saturday everyone wakes up and caravans to Austin for the “Extreme Buttboard Race” which believe it or not is at an abandoned water park. This crazy race will be hosted by none other than Texas Baked, Dave’s Hippy Oil and Team NoBull. What a weekend of unique shredding ahead in Texas. It is the Texas 3 Step! Sponsors of the weekend include Austin Longboard Club, Texas Baked, Dave’s Hippy Oil, Carve Skateshop, Team NoBull, Bombsquad Longboards, Rayne Longboards, Vicious Griptape & Waterloo Wheels.
Texas 3 Step Weekend - Flyer - with sponsorsFINAL

– Greg Noble

Flier Credit Jay Cronin