Lancyahctz Charlie Horse Review

Homies from Vancouver sent us that sexy new see through hollow-tech longboard you’ve been salivating over. We definitely had a lot of fun putting this review together. Enjoy

This is the new Landyatchz Charlie horse. This board is sick! The board allows you to do all those stand ups for free-riding; the stiff mild concave locks your feet in and is great for downhill!

Also the New Landyatchz technology! Hollow tech really lightens the feel of your set up and its really controllable at high speeds!
Charlie Horse features brand new rocker and reworked concave! The slim profile of this deck makes it great for younger riders like me that need a smaller deck.

Freeride: The board gives just enough concave for doing stand ups or predrifts.

Downhill: This board might be hollow tech but carries speed for going fast and the stiffness of the board feels nice.

Concave: Pretty mild and not too much. Locks your feet in everywhere in the board.

Width: 9.0 inch Length: 35 inch

Go check the new Charlie horse! It’s a great deck for going fast and staying in control for your speedy needs!

I’m Carson Viviani signing out.

HUGE thanks toNoCoast for making this possible!