Texas 3 Step weekend event report

What just went down in Houston and Austin was certainly one for the books. The Texas longboarding community came together over Labor Day weekend and decided to add some fun preceding Texas’ oldest race – The Patriot Race. The Patriot Race hosted by the Austin Longboard Club & Josh Davis has been going strong for 7 years and is unique in the outlaw race scene because the event has races for every taste and skill level………. but more about that later.10477123_10204711210239858_7497886653162930946_o

Team NoBull and its race team members came together to organize two races on Friday & Saturday before the main event on Sunday. Essentially these races were Step 1 & Step 2 of the weekends Texas 3-Step festivities.


Step 1: Pre Lucky 7 NoBull Outlaw Garage Race

As is usual before all Houston Outlaw Garage Races, the meet up spot was at Carve Skateshop. Carve Skateshop is Houston’s oldest longboarding shop located in The Heights. Friday’s festivities (Step 1) began with sign up, the racer meeting and a raffle for all the participants. The garage spot is always announced after the heats are drawn up, not before. Since the races are held in garages throughout Houston it’s important not to blow the spot prior to the race and it is equally important to go to the garage en masse. Since Garage racing is in effect trespassing they don’t even start until after midnight. The largest outlaw garage race Team NoBull has ever had was over a hundred racers, Friday’s was a respectable one with close to 50 registered racers and many more spectators.

“There is nothing in the longboarding community quite like a Houston Outlaw Garage Race. They can best be described with the following words; fast, dark, sketchy, physical, hot, gnarly, clandestine, exhilarating, dangerous, nasty and unlawful.”


There is nothing in the longboarding community quite like a Houston Outlaw Garage Race. They can best be described with the following words; fast, dark, sketchy, physical, hot, gnarly, clandestine, exhilarating, dangerous, nasty and unlawful.
Houston is littered with towers of glass skyscrapers with delightful raceable garages attached. The trick to a garage race is not only getting in quietly, but it is equally important to be undetected and getting out quickly. Outlaw races rarely go off without a hitch and tonight’s was no exception. Little did anyone anticipate what would unfold on Friday nights race. Prior to the start about 20, yes 20,  of the racers got stuck in an elevator between the 4th and 5th floors for almost an hour. Live reports were being snapchatted and posted to Instagram from inside the hotbox. The Fire Department was called and a full on rescue effort ensued by Houston’s finest. Inside the elevator was a crammed a mix of some of Texas’ best skaters of all ages to include one of the race organizers from Team NoBull.
Thankfully every one survived the horrifying experience, although we were told panic wasn’t far from setting in. The fire fighters were not pleased when they uncorked the doors at after 1:00 AM and 20 plus sweat soaked smelly skaters  & their boards poured out. Needless to say the race turned into a massive sesh and everyone could be seen hitting Houston’s longboarding playground till dawn. Overall, one for the books and a story was made on that hot Houston night which will never be forgotten, certainly not by those stuck inside the elevator.

Step 2: Pre Labor Day Baked-Hippy NoBull Extreme Buttboard Race

This race was about as crazy and eclectic as the title suggests. Leave it to a bunch of Texas Longboarders to find the most unique unthinkable, unknown spot and turn it into a race track. Deep in the woods just outside of the city of Austin is an abandoned water park which happens to have two parallel concrete water slides minus of course the water. When the guys over at Team NoBull, Daves Hippy Oil and Texas Baked found the spot they came up with a novel outlandish idea…”lets race that shit”.
10484065_10204711184959226_563626157228605674_oWhat transpired was a buttboard race that could only be described as extreme. Bob Hoppes, Jargh Hammons & Dave Angelus hosted this first time event which is sure to become an annual race in the wacky hippy locale that is Austin. The race was very fast and extremely sketchy. The trick to bombing down a water slide on your ass isn’t being aero, the trick is actually staying on your board. The day far exceeded expectations both in attendance and stoke and when it was all done 4 participants walked away (or shall we say limped away) victorious – 1st William Goins, 2nd Tyler Marett, 3rd Sam Persons and 4th Kristin Maxwell.

Step 3: The Main Event – The Patriot Race –  Numero Seis

Everyone that longboards remembers their first race. If you longboard in the state of Texas, the Patriot Race is likely the first race you attended.  This race is a staple in the Texas longboarding racing community and it is the one race that everyone circles on their calendar. Hosted every year by the Austin Longboarding Club & Josh Davis it is by far the largest most well attended race in Texas.  If you are serious about longboarding and you live in Texas this is the race you must attend……. if nothing else to maintain your Texas scene ‘cred’. To miss this race is to miss the best there is as far as fun, competitiveness and camaraderie.

The Patriot Race is an outlaw race which is held at a unique spot.  It is held in a large office complex on the side of a hill which happens to have an expansive parking lot swooping in between the trees and buildings. It happens to be a perfect spot for a race. Attendance reached yet another record this year with over well over 100 people coming out. The full day’s event has multiple races to include Open, Switch, Downhill and most unique the BroBomb.

The BroBomb is a spectator’s delight and a racers nightmare. It is the definition of sketchy. When the day is over you can tell those that raced in the BroBomb by their road rashes – Dave’s Hippy Oil was flowing for sure after this event. What is the BroBomb? One racer sits on the front of their longboard and one stands on the back (the pusher).  The BroBomb is so special not only because it entails hurtling down a course with two riders navigating multiple hairpin turns, but because it is a race that usually includes Uber Groms. Having a really lightweight youngster on the front is a competitive advantage, usually because they don’t know any better about what they are getting into. This year’s repeat champion was an example of that strategy with 9 year old Cooper Blaha (all of 80 LBS) on the front being flung down the course by Clayton Nalley.

What makes the Patriot Race so special is that there is a race for every skill level. The Open Race was the largest of the races and was followed by the Switch and the Downhill. Some highlights from the weekend, beyond the BroBomb, would have to be Scotty Sheridan, owner of Carve Skateshops, continued dominance in the Switch Race and also the all Team NoBull, All Bombsquad Longboarding, All Waterloo Wheel Designs Open race podium finishers of 1st Brandon Adams, 2nd Ray Adams and 3rd Zac Sharp… and yes to answer your question Brandon and Ray are brothers and they dominate the Texas racing scene. The full day event showed off just how many up and coming young racers there are in the state Texas.

Patriot Race Results:

Groms Open Race:

1st – Erik Ulmer

2nd: Ricky Faria

3rd: Andrew Witcher

4th: Dawson Noble


Womens Open Race:

1st: Bryanne Harris

2nd: Colleen Daugherty

3rd: Taylor Jandl

Switch Race:
Scotty Sheridan


BroBomb Race:
Clayton Nalley & Cooper Blaha

Open Race:

1st: Brandon Adams

2nd: Ray Adams

3rd: Zac Sharp

4th: Stephen Dumaine

5th: Clayton Nalley

6th: Will Goins10658630_10152596607950202_7627795465628209434_o


1st: Ray Adams

2nd: Dylan Greenbaker

3rd: Sam Persons

Its weekends like the Texas 3-Step that highlights just how strong the Texas Longboarding community is in both talent and growth. Should you find yourself with nothing to do next year and want to immerse yourself into the most unique 3 Day event in Texas meet at Carve Skateshop Friday at 9:30 pm and just remember to take the stairs at the garage race!

The weekend could not have been a success without the generous support of the following:

Austin Longboard Club, Carve Skateshop, Bombsquad Longboarding, Waterloo Wheel Designs, Rayne Longboards, Vicious Griptape, Team NoBull, Texas Baked And Dave’s Hippy Oil

Extreme Buttboard Race Pics-  Rebecca Rodriguez

Patriot Race Pics – Aria Pramesi