Machado Classic 3: Organizer’s Recap

September 20-21st, 2014 marked the 3rd Machado Classic outlaw race hosted by NoCoast Skate & Team NoBull. We can’t really say it’s an annual event, more like every 6 months we pick a date to invite a bunch of rad dudes to skate in the middle of nowhere and raise a bit of money for our homie Jason.

stoke machine

The stoke machine, Greg Noble & Neal Roberts. Kyle Ramsey photo.

We had the usual suspects from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas come out to race down a curvy back country road for a fat stack of cash at the outlaw on Sunday. We continued a tradition from last year to meet up at another spot to session for the afternoon. It’s nice to have Saturday as more of a relaxed session and get everyone adjusted to skating faster runs in packs.

james how

James Howsmon & Cody Womack taking the shoulder through the chicane. Bob Robinson photo.

Ian Y

Ian Ybanez from Texas. He slammed in his lid later that day, glad you’re good homie. Kyle Ramsey photo.

The run has some really fun sweepers that dump into a long righty and then a really mellow middle section. It builds speed going into the fastest section and ends with some mellow corners at the bottom. It’s more of an endurance run than anything. If you aren’t used to tucking for a few minutes at a time it can be a challenge. Some guys from Texas clocked themselves on a gps at 60 mph in a fat draft train.


60 mph at the Shepherds freeride. Erik Ulmer took it down with Stevie D, Max Martin & Nicholas Hopper. KR photo.


Kelechi Fletcher tucking the through the bottom of the park. Bob Robinson photo.

After everyone’s legs were done, we headed back to the racecourse to camp on a neighbor’s land. The owners are really cool and love for us to come out and chat it up with them. They come down and hang out by the fire and listen to our stories from the day. One of them, Caralena, was in a car wreck earlier this year and is still recovering in a wheel chair. We wish her the best! There were a couple of birthdays being celebrated so you know we had a good time.


Campsite long-exposure. MacG Merritt photo.

Sunday morning we woke up to the donkeys, chickens and Dr. Zoot letting everyone know it was time for practice runs. There were a few rain showers throughout the morning, but none stayed long enough to affect the course that much. After a quick riders and volunteer meeting we got it going around 9 am. Practice was awesome, it was great to see everyone stoked on fast runs and getting used to the course.

Feet say so much - Kyle Ramsey photo

Feet say so much – Kyle Ramsey photo

Speeds top out in the high forties with one sharp right that has been deemed crash corner. We saw some really hard slams again this year, but everyone walked away safely. One homie Luke got knocked out, but came back to and was cleared by the hospital of any concussion. Glad to see him all well.


Stevie D has 20 sets of wheels at all times. Kristen Ramsey photo.


Dave raging the right. Heather Larkin photo.

After roughly an hour of practice, we went back to the top to start our points heats to determine the bracket. After only running half of the first round we had a visit from the local Sheriff. He was cool with us being there, but wanted us to get it over quickly. So we finished the full round of points heats and went straight to single elimination.

afterBrian Belcher, Kyle Ramsey and Austin Blaha. Jacob Harvey photo.

Much flight Much flight. Heather Larkin photo.

Every heat was stacked from the start. Halfway through we started seeing some standouts like Stevie D, Josh Carpenter, Erik Ulmer, Andrew Pletan and Cody Womack. Everyone was ripping which led to some crazy carnage. Lots of crashes coming out of the tight right, the Gnome lost his shoulder. He eventually found it. There is some bad pavement that will send you into the trees if you’re not careful.


Rolando playing bowling ball with the spectators. Such chaos. Heather Larkin photo.


kyle with the

Kyle with the shaka, Andrew Pletan out front of Bobby Waldron & Garrett Horlick. Kristen Ramsey photo.


BoboBobo is so Shmobo. Heather Larkin photo.

We are lucky to have a rad area for a decent amount of people to hand out and watch the corner. As the sun came out making a shelter was a must. Luckily skaters are super handy.

Jake SharpJake Sharp is always stoked on the Machado Classic. Kristen Ramsey photo.


Ray AdamsRay Adams, much aero mod. Heather Larkin photo.

The final wasn’t as tight as the previous two events, but was definitely close for second and third. Max Martin dominated to the finish line. Max is a Texas homie that spent some time touring some of the circuit this year. Stoked to see him killing it back on the local scene. Stevie D grabbed a hard fought second from Jargh Hammons who got third. Cody Womack went down up on the course but still got a sick fourth place.

jason wasJason was all about the megaphone. Kristen Ramsey photo.

 1 max1. Max Martin 2. Stevie D 3. Jargh Hammons   4. Cody Womack


machadoMachado Classic 3 group shot. Stoked on Carl, the land owner, front and center. MacG Merritt photo.


This event wouldn’t happen without the small group of volunteers that help us make it run smoothly. Thanks to Justin Parcell for making sure we had a trailer and his friend for driving both days. They killed it with bringing hay as well. Team NoBull had a great group of volunteers and skaters that make any event they are involved with a success. We can’t wait to have Greg and his crew back out. It wouldn’t be the same without my wife, Kristien, there to help me when I have a 1,000 things to do. Three times now keeping the outlaw vibes strong in our scene. As an organizer we are stoked to keep events like this going, see everyone next year! #NoCoastSkate

pretty muchPretty much how you feel after two days of skating and organizing. Kristen Ramsey photo.

Kyle ”Triple Threat” Ramsey.


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