Rayne Savage Review

Kyle Ramsey here with another product highlight, this time for round two with Rayne Longboards. We did a review about a year ago for the Avenger (www.vimeo.com/61581976). For me this is a perfect scenario, I couldn’t have been more stoked to try out the new Rayne Savage.

IMG_2688-webMy very first directional board was an old Avenger, one of the ones with a hole cut out to carry it back up the hill. Before reviewing the Savage, I was riding the most recent version of the Avenger.

The Savage is simply a symmetrical Avenger.

The Savage is simply a symmetrical Avenger. The one thing I had to relearn was placement of my back foot. Riding a deck for a few years that tapers in the back, like an Avenger, you have a very specific placement. With the Savage you now have 10” in the back to play with. It took me a few sessions, but I now prefer this extra amount of room. You feel insanely locked in for whatever type of riding you’re doing. The extra board creates some really comfortable pockets.

Also I prefer riding large diameter wheels, so the 3D wheel wells provide plenty of room 80mm Kegel excercies and no wheel bite. Me setup is .25” hard riser and Lite REY 180mm / 45º trucks and RIOT bushings. I had them mounted at 26.25”.
Even though it is symmetrical, I ride it directional with a PSD foot stop in the front. However that’s as far as it goes, I usually ride both trucks setup the same way for maximum fun on any run. Thank you Rayne for making a symmetrical Avenger, it’s such a fun skateboard.
Savage Specs:
Length- 37″ 
Width- 10″ 
Wheel Base- 26.25″ / 27.5″ / 27.75″ / 28.5″ 

• Sharp Edges 
• Fat Bottom Bamboo Core
• Leverage Concave – Grips from the ball of the foot to the centre of your heel for outstanding turn control.
• Speed-stiff
• Pleasure Dome Arch Support – Get connected! Arch support will dial in your cornering by giving you full contact with the board. (This is one of my favorite features, given I have no real arches in my feet).
• 3D Wheel Wells – Fight against nasty wheel bite and keep your feet in place.
• Universal Variable Top Mounting
• Bee Orange Finish – Smells good, tastes great, and seals and protects your board without harmful chemicals.
As always, it’s a pleasure to work Thane Magazine and Rayne Longboards they are huge supporters of our local scene. Make sure to check out Thane Magazine for more product highlights.
– Kyle Ramsey