Maria Fatima Salvador: Blueberry Slider

Sister Maria tells us all about that real deep stoke, dragon balls, slide jams, blueberry jams and her upcoming skate shop!

Hello Maria Fatima, how are you
I’m good! Free from stressful work today.

Have you had a good week?
An “okay” week. Not really a good one.

What’s your typical day usually like?
Wake up, bath, breakfast, work, home, skate then home again.

Fun job?
Not really, haha. Seeing sick people most of the day is not fun. Especially seeing life passing away, that is so not fun.

Any happy moments in the hospital?
Yeah! Being able to revive a patient! Haha and most of all, those “non-toxic” days.

Where are you from?
I’m from Philippines.

Good place to grow up?
I think so. Well, it’s democratic here! Freedom! Haha.

How did you get into skating?
Well, I tried skateboarding first with a trick board, but no, there was no spark, haha. We were not meant to be. Fast forward to the future. One day, some friends brought a longboard to our town, and that’s where me and my now husband tried it, it was so much fun! I fell in love with it immediately!

What difference did the longboard make?
Well, in longboarding, I didn’t feel the pressure of having to immediately learn a trick, because learning how to ride and cruise can already give you the stoke! Obviously, because its wheels are bigger, the ride is smoother.

How long after did you get yours?
At first, we only bought trucks, wheels and bearings; my deck was DIY made from hard wood since we did not have enough bucks before and there were no skate shops here in our town. Also, existing skate shops were unknown to us since we were just beginners but DIY decks are fun to make because you get to shape it yourself!

Brendan Goco photo

Brendan Goco photo

What’s your town like for skating?
Its called Catarman, it’s just a small town in Northern Samar. We don’t have much downhill spot heres. Even in the nearby towns but oh, the beaches, they’re a lot! Actually we started skating and sliding in flats. We only have one downhill spot here, it’s inside a university where I graduated and you won’t believe it, our University has its own beach inside it, good for surfing and skim boarding.

Is there a good community there?
We are the only longboarding community here, unfortunately. There are skateboarders but we usually play separately, that’s why we (my husband and I) really want to open our own skate shop here, hoping to bring out more longboarding/skating enthusiasts.

What’s the hardest thing about being a community of TWO?
It’s not so hard at all, our guys sometimes play and hang out with them but our group was never really close with them.

Who else is in your group?
Well, there’s my husband and I, Shay, Isaak, Paul, Joel, Marlon, Albert, Scud, Jah, Karl and Jerome. That’s pretty much us. Hi guys!

Do you surf?
I tried surfing, but while I was on it, I suddenly developed severe motion sickness on a surfboard, so I stopped. Maybe because those were the times when I would go directly to the beach after a graveyard shift haha. I would still want to continue learning someday when I’m ready.

How good is your nearest skate shop?
Nearest skate shop would be in Bicol, an 8 hour drive from here haha. (Hi Bronson skate garage!).

Wow. What would it take to open your own shop?
Money! Haha. Money is the root of evil! But seriously, funds of course, good business partners, good source of stocks and love for skating.

We’re not really expecting a good income coming from the skate shop. We just want to open one so that buying skate parts will be easier for people… it’s an encouragement for potential skate enthusiasts.

1979923_636737749696126_1391575250_oWould you stop your job if you did this?
Nope. We’re not really expecting a good income coming from the skate shop. We just want to open one so that buying skate parts will be easier for people who want to skate here. It’s more of an encouragement for potential skate enthusiasts. So I think I would still need a regular job to support the skate shop. But I would love to be a part time shop-girl haha.

What’s your dream?
I have a lot! But I really want to be a tattoo artist someday.

Do you have any ink?
Wish I did, maybe someday. I want to have a lot of time to think about it, because I want it to be really meaningful and my own design.

How do you stay stoked with no skate buddies?
Is this a trick question?Haha, I don’t know. Playing alone was never fun for me, no one to cheer for you when you learn a trick and boost you up when you’re frustrated. We’re a small (very small) community but our bond is strong, only two of us girls and others are boys (crazy ones haha) and I will always have a skate buddy, my husband.

Do you ever get to skate with more girls?
Nope, not really. I only get to skate with other girls during events and I don’t have a lot of skater girl friends because I’m kinda shy and awkward. During events, I’m more on playing and less about talking, but I really love giving tips and tutorials to other girls. Seeing them get what you’re talking about and learning is an achievement for me. Also, I’m more into freeriding, I don’t really bomb hills and most of the girls here in PH are into bombing. That’s why there’s always no women category here during slide jams. I usually join open category. But hopefully, someday, there will be a women’s category since lately, more girls are learning to freeride. That would be so rad!

Is skateboarding your strongest connection to your husband?
No, not really. We were already together way before we started skating, but I can say that it’s one thing that we agree on a lot haha. Hi Don Zeus Salvador!

Who shaped your first board?
Not me! haha. Just remember we bought it from a friend and eventually, we started making our own.

You make skateboards now?
I don’t anymore, since we can afford already and hardwoods are heavy. But seriously, I ride now for a longboard company. Shout out to Contach Longboards!

Are there many local skate companies?
Yes, there is now. Contach longboards, DWLE, zeal decks, district tree, Rad X, pathzone, all make great decks.

Many local riders supporting them?
Yes! You can see a lot of riders using local decks here.

When did you get sponsored?
Can’t remember exactly, but I think 2 years ago. It was because of a silly skate vid my husband made haha.

I never thought someone like me, a girl from a town far from the big cities could get noticed and sponsored. It was so rad!

How did you end up getting support from a brand?
My husband posted my first ever skate vid on YouTube and shared it on Facebook and that’s when contach found me. I still remember back then, I was too nervous and shy to pick up their call so I did not pick it up immediately. Back then I never thought someone like me, a girl coming from a far town from the big cities could get noticed and sponsored. It was so rad! After that, GHP (hi Jbels!) an apparel company took me, followed by funbox skateshop (not operational anymore), and lastly NOA pucks (hi Aaron!), they produce awesome sparky pucks haha.

What’s your favourite Contach board?
My favourite is my own pro-model, the “Regalia”. But the latest release is still a prototype, I’m still trying it out.

How is Contach special?
Contach is special because it’s handmade by the owner of the company himself ( Hi Mark G!) and the quality is superb. My first contach deck, I have used it for 2 years and I can say that I wouldn’t have replaced it, if I hadn’t gotten the latest one. I have smashed it into a lot of concrete but no cracks at all, just small chips which is normal.

What was the first event you attended?
I think it would be the peanut butter slide jam. It was almost  2 years ago, first ever slide jam that I experienced, was so stoked back then!

Where had you been skating before then?
We were always just skating here in our town, we could hardly leave and skate in other places because we have a limited budget and we were still in school back then.

How did the event go?
The event went well, a lot of skaters came and participated. The event was supposed to be held at firefly hill in alabang, muntinlupa city but there was a conflict so we had to transfer to another spot, it was in a private village instead, but it was still in alabang.

It was the first time I played with that many longboarders, everybody was just so stoked and thrilled, showcasing their skills and styles. Met a lot of awesome people because of that event.

What’s your favourite type of event?
Slide jams!! And slide jams!

What’s your favourite flavour of jam?

Where else did you skate that year?
The next event that I attended was the Peñafrancia longboarding festival in Naga city.

It’s not always about winning, it’s about the stoke and participation. Having a blast with everybody else and being a part of something bigger is priceless.


Did you win?
Nah. Since it was an open slide jam. I was the only girl who joined and there was a lot of very skilled guys. But who cares right? It’s not always about winning, it’s all about the stoke and participation. Having a blast with everybody else and being a part of something bigger is priceless.

Have you done any skating outside your country?
Not yet, maybe someday.

What are your favourite memories so far of skating?
Well there’s too many to mention, but I love the skate trips, joining slide jams (showing off with the boys haha)and simply those moments that I get to enjoy with my husband and friends.

Have you been to the VLT?
Not yet, haha. Whenever we plan to go there, we end up spending our savings on some other things. Heard last VLT was fun, a lot of rad skaters from other countries went there but it didn’t really upset me since the ones that I really want to personally see were not there anyway.

Who did you want to see?
Number one on my list would be Alicia Fillback, she’s been my inspiration ever since haha. Also Micaela Wilson, Carmen Shafer, Neena Schueller, Pam Diaz. Mostly those rad female free-riders.

What do you love so much about sliding?
Sliding is my forte and what I love about it is there is actually more to see when it comes to sliding. It’s not all just about whether you could execute it or how many tricks you could throw with it. Being disciplined and mastering the basics before jumping to complex ones is very important. A lot can slide and throw tricks, yes, there would be a lot of hand clapping for you, but having a style and steeze deserves something much more…”Respect”.

How important are trips to Maria?
Skate trips are our chance to mingle with other skaters outside our town and sometimes travelling and hanging out with other people is kinda refreshing. Sometimes it gets boring playing in the same spot every time.

Are you having a fun year?
So far, this year is just fine. We have been really dormant these past months. No skate trips yet. We are really focusing on opening our skateshop, in fact, the construction is almost finished so we are really excited!

What’s the shop called?
*spoiler alert!* haha it will be called %*#@ #@%* skateshop

What do you do when you’re not skating?
When I’m not shredding, I’m usually my old introvert self, playing computer games or drawing.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m not really thinking far far ahead yet. But more skate trips maybe after the skate shop is launched. Ugh wanna shred other spots already.

If you had a fairy stoke mother, what 3 things would you wish for?
Only 3? Damn! Can my first wish be: add 5 more wishes? A lifetime supply of wheels would really be beneficial. Since this is an impossible question, maybe I would just wish for a faster injury and wound (no scar) healing and lastly a capsulated room that has all the necessities you need in it, just like in the dragon balls anime! How cool would that be? No need to bring a tent haha!

Who should we interview next?
Hmm, I’ll give you choices so its gonna be hard for you to choose. These are all awesome girls so help yourself. Shay pua, Yenyen Morales, Valerei Tabada.

Pick 3 numbers between 1-20.
8,13, 17 ugh

8 – what did Lincoln keep under his hat?
The portal to Oz.haha

13 – what happens when a zombie bites a shark?
The shark will cry, poor sharky.

17 – What is Victoria’s secret?
Err lingeries, bikinis and hot girls?

Maria Maria, it’s been really fun having this conversation with you! Stay rad and see you somewhere!
See ya! It’s been fun and long haha.

Any last words?
Thanks so much for having me,it’s been a pleasure.
Don’t get pressured guys! (To the newbies/starters) mastering the basics right will help you more than you can imagine! Never do it just to be admired by others or get sponsored, do it for your own stoke and love for skating!

Never do it just to be admired by others or get sponsored, do it for your own stoke and love for skating!