Gemma Holland: Road To Recovery

Gemma, the stoke machine tells us about dealing with her ankle injury, getting back in the on board at Keira this year and longboarding media with depth. 

Gnarathon 7: Event report

7Gnarathon: a weekend of gnarly crashes, epic passes, out-of-town magic and blades from hell. Greg Noble tells us how this event is exactly what its name promises.

Max Kaye: Fun All The Way

Who loves tie-die, skateboarding down hills, salt spring slashers and gets paid to party? Max Kaye! He reminds us why it’s so important to have fun. Get stoked.

Greg ”Still NoBull” Noble

Greg tells us about his move to Colorado, wanting to tattoo Maryhill on his calf and dealing with a major injury. PS: Louis Pilloni, please accept Greg’s friend request.

Carlos Paixao: IDF Open Champion

Multiple DH skateboarding champ Carlos tells about his motivation for racing, how he fell in love with longboarding and his dream for the IDF’s premium paying elite class

IDF Elections: Billy Meiners #ChooseBilly

Billy of Bones fame brings a lot of race, organising and industry experience to the table in this frank interview about the need to #ChooseWisely in this election.

Brandon DesJarlais: Dream Chaser

First 2017 interview of the year with Moonshine MFG longboarder Brandon DesJarlais. He tells us about playing the stunt double for Vin Diesel in the return of Xander Cage, travelling around the world and, the perfect skate event.

Jeff Suchy: God Of Biscuits

Jeff talks skateboarding in California, his ingredients for the perfect downhill photograph and the philosophy of leftover dinosaur bites.

Benbro Hay: Return of the Haymaker

Reverse grom and Australasian champ Benny tells us about his record setting IDF tour. Racing skateboards in Europe and the Phillipines. And why he’s used the same wheels and trucks for longer than you’ve been skating.

Edd Avina: Ambassador of Stoke

The emperor with a big, tasty heart tells us about holding a skate session in prison, being a global shaper, nearly dying, his life’s purpose and Tortas Ahogadas.

Vince Vazquez: United Squid Stoke

Vince the adventurer recalls tales of the VLT, waterfalls, living & skating in the UK, toeside checks and Chinese safety meetings. Get rad!

Team NoBull’s Summer Adventures

Texas homie Greg is back in the interview chair, telling us about Team NoBull’s busy summer, his first time on Mary and what keeps the stoke ticking.

Da Silva Bros: Chapter 2

ABC’s with Alon, Ben and… Coffee? The skilled shapers from DaSilva boards, a longboard company based in Israel joined us for a catch up on downhill skateboarding, aerospace hippies and staying dirty.

Bayou Battle Garage Race: Episode 2

Greg Noble is back again to tell us about one of the hottest events on the skateboarding calendar. Texas will, for the 2nd year, host longboarders from across North America in a Garage race of epic proportions – with a $7000 price purse.

Oly Joplin: Stoke Spreader

Telephants, epic longboarding crashes, struggling against the system and some pretty epic motivational words. Wonderful Oly Joplin’s interview will have you feeling all types of good.

Joseph Falcone: Grupo Nopo Stoke

Emotional ride with one of the OG’s of Grupo Nopo. Epos, son of driftwood, tells us about his gnarly first deck, a memorable final with P.Swiss, hosting 6 VLTs and the beauty of spreading the stoke.