Jamie Gwillim: Team MonkyPig

Aussie favourite, Jamie, tells us his history with longboarding. Learning from LEGENDS like Daddow & Leeson, getting stoked on Cferg & Gemma and the Monkypig derby.

Rob McWhinnie: Doing Epic Shit

Stoked to share another fun chat with this stoked downhill skateboarder. Rob talks about the beauty of longboarding in the Philippines, Stand Up DH racing and his upcoming gnar in Europe.

Maga McWhinnie: Stoke Spreader

The first female director has stories from New Zealand to Spain and the Philippines from a year of skate adventures. She also has some good advice – DO EPIC SHIT. SHARE THE STOKE. SAVE THE ELEPHANTS.

Kent Lingeveldt: Alpha Longboards

This EPIC conversation with the man behind Alpha longboards covers everything from downhill skateboard racing in Brazil, surfing traffic in Cape Town and the African identity. Truly rad.

Tony Graves: Rayne Longboarder

Canadian longboarder Tony Graves tells us about his love for the sport, the Sullivan Challenge curse, waking up duct taped to a mattress in Australia and his upcoming DH racing tour in Europe and South America.

Comet Skateboards: VooDoo DH

Dustin Hampton’s initials also stand for Downhill (DH) skateboarding. Coincidence? Probably. Great video still.

Hummel Havoc 2015 event report

The Midwest Longboard Association is composed of a small group of riders and volunteers from Nebraska who are passionate about growing the skateboarding scene in the Midwest of the US.

Rachel Bruskoff: AeroSpace Bagels

SkateBagels is back in the interview chair, telling us about her 2014 adventures including racing Hot Heels, following the stoke to Australia and breaking her foot racing skateboards in the Philippines. 

Matt Burke: Show Meat Rick

Enjoy this chat we had with the head Blue Sky Longboards and #ShowMeATrick about the fast growing community, building a skate brand and his motivation for pushing the stoke machine.

Greg NoBull: Still Stoking

Full contact epic stoke with Mr Team NoBull back in the bacon chair. Greg Noble tells us about Bayou, the upcoming Carve Skateshop opening and tonnes of other rad events going on it Texas. Excitement!

Bonzing with Austin Graziano

Stoked to share this window into the world of top bonzer Austin. He tells us about his Jedi mind tricks, sunset sliders, art and the importance of shaping skateboards. Enjoy!

Papa Les: Skate Slate President

Another day, another Papa Les interview. This time our bearded friend is wearing a new and very different hat at Skate Slate and he brings us up to speed on his plans for the magazine and 2015. Boom!

Koma Kino: The IDF President

We had a quick chat with the outgoing President of the IDF for the past 2 years, Mr Koma Kino. He tells us about the upcoming IDF elec

Chris Cade: Stoke Ambassador

Super tall and super talented ‘505’ skater, Chris, tells us about growing up in Albuquerque, skateboarding around town, downhill racing, hooking up with Loaded & Orangatang and the importance of travelling.

Cloud Ride Mini-Ozone Review

Dave ‘Gnomesteeze got to check out two duros of the new Mini-Ozone wheels from Cloud Ride Wheels. He takes us through them on some local terrain. Enjoy!

Team NoBull: Bayou Battle

We had a quick catch up with our buddy Greg ”NoBull” NoBull. He’s really excited about the first legal garage skateboard race in US history – Bayou Battle (Jan 16 – 18) and hopefully after reading this, you will be too.

Rayne Savage Review

Kyle Ramsey here with another product highlight, this time for round two with Rayne Longboards. We did a review about a year ago for the Avenger (www.vimeo.com/61581976). For me this is a perfect scenario, I couldn’t have been more stoked to try out the new Rayne Savage.

Adam Yates: Skate and Explore

Adam Yates tells us about his new role at landyachtz, #skateandexplore and longboarding around the world – from South Africa to Taiwan. Good vibes galore!

Stephen Daddow: Skateboarding Legend

Stoked to have had this conversation with one of Australia, heck, earth’s downhill skateboarding legends – Stephen Daddow. He tells us about his early days of skateboarding, competing in the IGSA and the boom of longboarding around the world.