Lougie Dela Cruz: Poste98

Self professed stoke propagandist Lougie of Poste98 tells us all about longboarding in the Philippines, skate photography and the upcoming Haven’s Gate race.

Aaron Breetwor: Downgrade Magazine

Aaron from DGM is back in the Thane studio to discuss the imminent release of Issue 01 of down grade magazine. We talk about the spirit of the magazine and the amazing family response supporting it.

Soldiers Of Downhill 2014 report

I had toyed with the idea of going out to Ohio for Soldier of Downhill ever since I saw Louis Pilloni’s raw run from the previous year. The course looked crazy fun and right up my alley. A super fast, windy road with some technicality, some iffy pavements, and tight racing; what’s not to love?

Machado Classic 3: Organizer’s Recap

September 20-21st, 2014 marked the 3rd Machado Classic outlaw race hosted by NoCoast Skate & Team NoBull. We can’t really say it’s an annual event, more like every 6 months we pick a date to invite a bunch of rad dudes to skate in the middle of nowhere and raise a bit of money for…

Ering Ricablanca: Grupo Nopo Stoke

Delicious stoke filled conversation with one of South East Asia’s premier longboarders. Ering tells us about Grupo Nopo, Skate Family, Hammock life and the VLT.

Lancyahctz Charlie Horse Review

Homies from Vancouver sent us that sexy new see through hollow-tech longboard you’ve been salivating over. We definitely had a lot of fun putting this review together. Enjoy

Machado Classic 3 preview

Once upon a time, there was the marble outlaw, then it was the Machado Classic. We’ve covered both events and we’re stoked to announce the 3rd edition of this great race will be on this weekend.

Kimz Tiu Jamelo: Stoke Spreader

Our sister from the Philippines – Kimz, tells us all about how she got into skate, the LGC in her country, hammocks, bacon and the biggest family of longboarders ever.

Texas 3 Step weekend event report

What just went down in Houston and Austin was certainly one for the books. The Texas longboarding community came together over Labor Day weekend and decided to add some fun preceding Texas’ oldest race – The Patriot Race. The Patriot Race hosted by the Austin Longboard Club & Josh Davis has been going strong for…

Ashraf Harris: Skatebox Channel

Stoke ambassador Ashraf tells us about the longboarding community in Asia, especially his home – Malaysia; good downhill skateboarding vibes in the Philippines and his love for videos.

Texas 3 Step

Texas is hot and so is the burgeoning racing scene. Give those Texans any excuse to have a race, maybe even 3 and they’ll jump on it. There’s no better excuse than the upcoming long weekend.

Justin Boast: Project Skateboards

Cape Town native, Justin, tells us about making and riding all sorts of skateboards, the growth of the longboarding community in South Africa, SAGRA and his baby – Project Skateboards. Enjoy.

Michael English: Bush Mechanic

We had a recentish chat with rad Aussie Mr English from those videos you love. He tells us about longboarding down under, the influence of the rad Stephen Daddow and the pleasures of hosting races. Enjoy

Zen Shikaze: Agent of Stoke

Vernon legend, Zen takes us through his years of skating around the world. We talk about the importance of safety in this downhill game, becoming a skate healer and Komodo Lions. Enjoy

Fifer Figueroa: Longboard Otaku

Nyom Nyom. Really happy to share this deeply honest conversation with skateboarder, rad photographer and art lover Fifer of Mexico City fame. He tells us about longboarding in his new home, Japan, and the early days bombing Ajusco. Lots of feels!

Greg Noble: Mr NoBull

Rad dad and super stoked longboarding enthusiast representing Team NoBull. He tells us about special skating moments with his son, HGR and HUGE plans for gnar generation in Houston. Tell your friends.

Otang Centreset Wheel review

Our buddy Kyle got to test out the centre set trio of – Orangatang Keanu, Orangatang Kilmer and Orangatang Cage. All of the Hollywood legends make an appearance in this review video. Tell your mom.