Mike Girard: Mr Black and Yellow

We catch up with our buddy Mike and all the exciting new developments in his life since our last interview – on the cusp of his joining G-Form, pre Central Mass 3. We hope you have as much fun reading this as we did talking to the moustached Massachusettee.

Orangatang Moronga Review

Goldilocks aka Mason got to review the latest wheel from the Orangatang stable – The Moronga. Read on to see a short summary and a gnarly video by Alex Mendez. Speed: More than decent. A heavy outer rim and minimal inner body make for a shape that quickly accelerates and maintains speed better than a…

The Raoul van den Berg interview

Great conversation with a man who has a big heart for skateboarding. The South African downhill champ tells us all about skating in his neck of the woods and his plans for the future.

Cindy Zhou: Candy Unicorn Invader

Toronto’s Miss Zhou sits down with us to discuss plans of genetically modified horse/rhino beast who poops rainbows; skateboards and the obligatory – bacon.

Diego Alemparte: Chilean Legend

Diego tells us all about how he got into downhill skateboarding, his favourite roads in Chile and the future of racing in South America.

The Amazing Spiderman aka John Barnet

John tells us all about riding his own wood, his super powers, Club 54, some Greener Pastures Shenanigans that never made the screen and the secret to skating fast.

Arian Chamasmany: Gel Shark

Ari shares stories of gnar crashes, skating with OG’s in Malibu and how longboarding changed his life. Why Sharky? Shark was the DJ name I came up with for myself way back when. People began calling me “Shark” as a nick-name and it’s stuck ever since. So I’ve used it as a moniker for various…

Longtreks with Aaron Enevoldsen

Aaron takes some time to tell us all about his adventures pushing thousands of miles across the globe and his dream job working for Rayne Longboards. Enjoy! Hey Aaron, where are you from? Hi Gbemi, I was born in a really small pueblo called Strathmore, Alberta. I lived on a farm outside Standard, AB, and…

Gerardo Moreno interview

Fun chat with another Guadalajara local and Jati rider who has gone to the Darkside. Read on to find out how this Wrongboarder plans to turn potatoes into bacon. Hola Gerado, where are you from? Hi Gbemi, I’m from the land of Sombrerows, Mexico! When did you start skating? I’ve been skating my whole life: since…

I love DH race report

On June 23nd-24rd, Windham Mountain, Windham, NY hosted the first I Love Downhill Grand Prix. Known affectionately as “I Love DH”, this event is one of the largest races in the North-East, and one of the few official IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) sanctioned races on the East Coast. Organizer Marc Dean had a tall order before him:…

Rosy Vega interview

Great conversation with fun loving Mexican – Rosy. She tells us about the community in her city, being a woman skateboarder and her first season racing at Maryhill and the MLF earlier this summer. Hola Rosy, where are you from? Hola! I’m from Guadalajara, México. When did you start skating? I started skating three years…

Jayden Mitchell interview

Great chat the Ozzy supergrom. He tells us about his amazing results in his first IGSA world cup races and his quest to Canada for the Junior World Championships (and bacon). Hey Po, where are you from? Hey mate, I’m originally from Chon Buri, Thailand, but brought out here to the land down under! Oz…